Why Does Discord Say I’m Online When I’m Not?

Have people ever told you they saw you somewhere when you weren t there? It happens to all of us. You meet a friend, and they tell you, Hey, I saw you at the mall last Sunday, when in reality, you were at home that day. Such trivial misunderstandings happen all the time in real life. But sometimes, they can also happen in the virtual world when a platform shows youonlinewhen you are not using it.

why does discord say i'm online when i'm not

If you are a Discord user, you must have faced this issue multiple times wherein you appear active or online on the app even when you have not opened the app for a while. Although this is not a big issue, it can cause misunderstandings among your friends and can be really annoying.

Let s try to understand this problem and how you can fix it for good. Read on to learn about this issue and its solutions in detail.

Why Does Discord Say I m Online When I m Not?

Well, mistakes are part and parcel of our lives. This sentence applies not only to our mistakes but also to the mistakes made by machines and applications.

So, if Discord is not behaving the way you want and showing unreal online statuses, it likely means two things: one of you has made a mistake. Yes, it can happen because of something you did or a technical glitch or bug from Discord s end.

Here are a few reasons that might cause Discord to show you online when you re not.

Reason 1: Discord is running in the background

Most social networking apps can work even when they are not running in the foreground. Therefore, an app like Discord can run in the background if you have not closed it properly.

Now, if you are like most people, you might have a habit of leaving an app by directly tapping theHomebutton. While doing this removes the app from your screen, the app keeps running in the background.

In the case of Discord, background activity might result in the app showing incorrectonlinestatuses when you re not using the app.

Fix: Close Discord in the background

It s important to close the Discord app properly if you want to avoid those incorrectonlinestatuses. You can close the app by removing it from the background.

To remove Discord from the background, tap on theRecent Tabsbutton at the bottom panel of your screen to view all the background apps. Remove the Discord app by swiping up or sideward (depending on your phone).

Reason 2: Discord is open on another device

Another reason why Discord can show misleadingonlinestatuses is that you might be using it from multiple devices.

If you use the Discord app on your phone and desktop, you must be offline on Discord from both devices to avoid discrepancies. For example, if you are not using the Discord app on your phone but have the Discord tab active on your desktop browser, your friends might see you online for obvious reasons.

Fix: Close Discord on all devices

If you are logged in to Discord on two or more devices, make sure to go offline on all of them if you want to appear offline to others. If you are using the Discord app on your laptop or PC, you should close any open tabs on your browser.

On mobile, close the Discord app from the background, as discussed above.

Reason 3: Discord has a technical glitch or bug

Occasionally, the Discord app can have bugs that are responsible for causing a wide range of problems. One of these problems can be incorrectonlinestatuses.

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