How to Save WhatsApp Status on iOS/ Android? A Complete Guide in 2023!

Formerly, WhatsApp included a feature called “stories” that mimicked Snapchat. After that, WhatsApp made a ton of updates to the status feature. WhatsApp’s status feature currently supports adding images, videos, GIFs, and text with a variety of background colors.

However, until today, there hasn’t been a way to store your WhatsApp status. In the same vein, we haven’t heard any rumors about it.

Well, what do you know? We’ve developed a couple of methods for archiving your WhatsApp status across devices. All of the following techs can use this tip:

How to Save WhatsApp Status (both photos & videos) on Android Devices?

We’ll be discussing two methods for archiving WhatsApp status updates on unrooted Android devices. Indeed, you have picked up on the correct term. It is not necessary to root your Android device in order to back up your WhatsApp status.

1. Save WhatsApp Status on Android using WA Status Saver application

WA Status Saver is an Android app designed specifically for saving your WhatsApp status. How to easily copy and paste a friend’s status in WhatsApp Messaging and WhatsApp Business

  • Save your current WA status by installing the app.
  • Use the Live Stories app.
  • Choose the Videos or Pictures you wish to save.
  • To store your current WhatsApp status on your device, select the option to do so and then tap the Download button.

Yeah. Despite appearances, it’s not that complicated. If you have an Android device and want to download people’s WhatsApp statuses to share with them, you should try this app. The “Saved Status” tab is where you can view all your previously downloaded statuses.

File Explorer, also known as ES File Explorer or Solid Explorer, is an Android app that serves as a file manager. Here is how you can easily download your friends’ WhatsApp status updates using any of the available File Explorer programs.

2. Save WhatsApp Status using File Explorer

whatsapp status download
  • Pop up WhatsApp and check out what your friends have been up to.
  • The file will be saved in Internal Storage > Android > Media com. whatsapp > Whatsapp > Media> once you’ve read it.
  • Statuses. This subfolder hides by default. Choose “display hidden files” from the “more” menu.
  • Friends’ recently read status updates are displayed here. To access other options, simply tap and hold the WhatsApp status image or video. Click the Copy to option from the menu. To save that WhatsApp Status somewhere, you can choose where you’d like to keep it.
  • And with that, you are all caught up on your friend’s WhatsApp statuses. You can update your WhatsApp status to let your contacts know.

How to Save Your WhatsApp Status on Your iOS Device

iOS is not a very adaptable platform in comparison to Android. There is, however, a jailbreak option for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, which is analogous to rooting on Android. Wait, we didn’t provide you any insider information about rooting. But, an iOS device jailbreak is not necessary. Here are two great methods for downloading WhatsApp tales to your iOS device:

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1. Save WhatsApp Status on iPhone/iPad with a BuildStore

  • subscription to download other people’s WhatsApp stories. First, let’s check out the options for accomplishing that.
  • Erase the app from your device if you already have the original Whatsapp installed from the App Store.
  • Sign up for BuildStore with your iOS smartphone.
  • Here is where you can download WhatsApp++ (Open the link from Safari).
  • In order to use WhatsApp++, you must provide a working phone number during registration.
  • Launch WhatsApp++, then head on over to the status update section.
  • Locate the download button in the upper right corner, then choose a location to save the file.
  • So, that settles it. Congratulations, the WhatsApp status of your friend has been successfully downloaded to your iPhone.
  • Second, WhatsApp Pocket lets you save your status updates on your iOS device.
  • The WhatsApp desktop client, WhatsApp pocket, is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. First-rate features include the retrieval of lost WhatsApp messages and attachments.
  • As a means of expanding their customer base, they included the ability to download films and photos shared as Whatsapp status updates. Let’s have a look at how to save a Whatsapp status in detail.

2. Save WhatsApp Status on iPad/iPhone with WhatsApp Pocket

whatsapp status download
  • Join your iOS device to the desktop or laptop.
  • A scan can be initiated by selecting your device. Please hold off until the scan is finished.
  • At the conclusion of the process, the WhatsApp conversations will be shown. Access every WhatsApp conversation in full-screen mode with just a click.
  • Images, photographs, and gifs shared by pals on WhatsApp will be displayed.
  • To save the attachment to your computer, select the “Export Attachment” option.
  • In a word, yes. You have your friend’s WhatsApp status downloaded.

Keep in mind that due to WhatsApp Pocket being a commercial app, users will only have access to a subset of features in the free editions.’

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How to Save WhatsApp Status on Web Browser?

Downloading WhatsApp status is actually much simpler on a computer than on an iOS or Android device. Except for a web browser, no more software is required. A top-notch web browser that supports both the internet and WhatsApp Web is required.

  • Launch WhatsApp Online using its web address (
  • A status page can be accessed by clicking the icon.
  • Just right-click it and choose “save image as” if you want to save it.
  • Right-click the video and choose “save video as” if it is a video.
  • Give it a name (if you must) and hit the Save button.
  • Simplistic appearance. Is it not? Indeed, it’s much easier than on an Android or iOS device. This is the best way to save your friends’ WhatsApp stories for later viewing.

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