How to Eject Water from iPhone? A Complete Guide in 2023!

It’s not a pretty sight to see an iPhone fall into the ocean. But if water gets trapped in your speakers, that’s far worse. There are several options for drying off your iPhone.

Method #1: Using a Water Eject YouTube Video

The iPhone speaker is the most common site for debris to become lodged. In order to drain the reservoir, you can use the speakers (if they are still operational). Luckily, you can find tutorials to help you with it on YouTube.

First, though, how do they function? In a word, yes. The noise in these movies is quite high in pitch and frequency. The vibration of the water droplets within your phone is enabled by this frequency. These vibrations gradually move them from their initial location.

Holding your iPhone vertically causes the water droplets to be displaced out of your phone due to the combination of these frequencies and gravity.

To begin, please refer to the following guidelines.

  • Put a dry cloth over the iPhone’s speaker grills to dry it out.
  • If you still need to dry your iPhone off, use a cotton swab.
  • Start the video on YouTube: In just two minutes, using sound, you can dry up your phone’s speaker.
  • Maintain a vertical position with your phone throughout the video.
  • Your iPhone should be completely dry after playing the video.

Method #2: Using the Water Eject Shortcut

water eject

This fast cut is ideal if you don’t feel like watching an entire YouTube video or submerging your iPhone in water. With it, you may quickly and easily drain liquid from your iPhone.

Here’s how to quickly remove water from your iPhone’s storage.

  • In other words, click the link below.
  • The “Get Shortcut” button must be clicked.
  • Choose “Water Eject” from the Shortcut app’s menu.
  • Get the quick route going.
  • If your iPhone is working properly, you’ll be able to hear a high-pitched tone. Your iPhone will now be completely dry. Keep your iPhone in a vertical position as the music plays.

Method #3: Using a Water Eject Application

water eject

Let’s say you’re not in the mood to use a cheat sheet or a movie. Try out a specialized app to see if that suits your needs better. These programs operate on the same principle as a water-eject keyboard shortcut or video. You can use them online, but they also work great when you’re not connected.

If you have an iPhone and want to eject water, you can do so with the help of an app.

  • Get the free Water Eject app from Apple’s app store.
  • The “Speaker Cleaner” option must be chosen. In this case, the iPhone will make a very high-pitched sound.
  • Maintain a vertical iPhone position throughout.
  • When you’re finished, water should start spraying out of your iPhone.

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Does Water Eject Work on iPhone?

The iPhone’s water ejects feature really does function. It can be used on an iPad, a laptop, or any other electronic device whose speakers have been damaged by water. This is because the water in your speaker may be displaced by the high-pitch frequencies.

You can try the water expulsion approach even if you don’t own an iPhone, as long as your gadget has a static noise in the speakers that you can’t seem to get rid of.

However, if you plan on using the approach frequently in rapid succession, remember to dry the speaker with a cotton bud or a cloth between applications.

Does the iPhone Have an Official Water Eject?

The iPhone lacks a built-in mechanism to expel liquid, in contrast to the Apple Watch. Quite simply, Apple has not integrated the capability into their iPhones themselves.

This is because, unlike the Apple Watch, which is commonly worn while swimming, iPhones are not typically submerged in water for extended periods of time.

Not to worry, though; the aforementioned workarounds will do the same thing that the official Apple Watch implementation would. All they really do is produce high-frequency noise that can displace liquids. This means that you can get the job done regardless of the tool at your disposal.

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The simplest approach to eliminating water from your speakers is the “water expel” technique. After a swim, it may produce static or hissing sounds; try one of the solutions we provided above.

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