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Accessed on July 22, 2022

No matter how much Bitcoin is currently worth, miners will continue to look for new coins to create. Where can you get those coins in 2022? We’re here to show you, after all. We’re here to answer your inquiries about cryptocurrency mining thanks to our in-depth understanding on the subject. even if you have a long history of cryptocurrency mining. You’ll discover the greatest new coins to mine towards the end of this post.

A solid mining rig is useful when looking for new coins to mine

How do you find new coins to mine in 2022?

There are numerous methods available today for discovering new coins to mine in 2022. The greatest sites to look for new coins are as follows:

Mining Pools

Any cryptocurrency’s smooth operation depends on miners. For new coin inventors, striking partnerships with mining pools that benefit both parties and luring as many miners as possible are primary priorities.

As a result, following significant coin pools and keeping an eye on their movements is a key way to find new cryptocurrencies.

Twitter for Crypto News

The easiest method to stay informed about the most current currency additions is through Twitter. Every miner, key industry player, and upcoming crypto coin initiative can be discovered on Twitter, it would seem.

A world of projects and cryptocurrency aficionados can be found by simply typing in a few pertinent hashtags.

Bitcointalk Announcements

For all things cryptocurrency, Bitcointalk has long been recognised as a very trustworthy resource.

When you log in, look for the phrase “Proof of Work,” which is frequently code for the finest mineable coin.

Make careful to read the post in its entirety and look over the comments in detail. This online crypto bible contains a wealth of information. Additionally, the main thread should typically contain links to the project’s social media accounts, wallets, and coin mining pools.

If you delve farther into the coin’s main thread and find critical remarks and awkwardly phrased developer inquiries, that could be a warning sign and a sign that you should move on.


It should come as no surprise that Reddit is an excellent location to find new crypto coins given how valuable it is for so many various things. Because some articles are spam or overt marketing ploys, you should cross-reference the information you obtain here with other sources, such Bitcointalk.

Google Search and Alerts

Staying current with the newest bitcoin projects and coins is easy with Google searches and personalised alerts.

You can use this tool to get email notifications with customised alerts whenever a new alert is triggered. To receive these email notifications depending on your chosen keywords, you can set up alerts based on numerous websites.

Identifying the best new coins to mine in 2022

Bookmark our guide to the best cryptocurrencies to mine in 2022, but in general, before starting to mine a new coin, you should look at a few important factors, such as:

1. The quantity of marketplaces accepting the coin.

Before you purchase the coin, make sure you are aware of the exchanges that accept it. If the currency is supported by less popular exchanges, it is imprisoned inside the virtual crypto world because withdrawals may only be done to the exchange’s internal wallet.

Additionally, if these exchanges allow withdrawals to an external wallet, the miner will be forced to pay hefty fees even if mining seems advantageous to them when withdrawing money because these unrecognised exchanges must operate with currencies of inferior grade and levied expensive fees.

2. confirm the organization’s validity

Investigate the cryptocurrency project’s history. Trust in a project’s creators and confidence in the objectives and long-term viability of the project’s use cases form a significant portion of the foundation of the digital currency universe.

Prior to starting a coin mining operation, you must complete your research. Although it can happen, you wouldn’t want to waste money mining a currency that crashes shortly after.

3. Determine what machinery you’ll need to mine it.

Is it just ASIC? Or does it allow you to mine with a GPU or CPU?

You’ll be able to decide whether making additional hardware purchases is profitable by taking into account the long-term use of the mining equipment you intend to utilise to mine the cryptocurrency.

Overall, crypto is incredibly volatile and frequently unpredictable, even while we wish we could tell you which new coins to mine in 2022 will be the most rewarding. The best approach to verify that cryptocurrency initiatives are reliable and successful is to conduct your own due diligence on them.

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What is cryptocurrency mining and how does it work?

In cryptocurrency mining, computers are employed to crack a very tough puzzle, and the first person to do so wins crypto currencies. It is generally accepted that the computer with the most processing capability has the greatest likelihood of resolving the issue.

But how do you actually mine the coin once you’ve located it? The best new coins are mined using three basic methods:

CPU Mining

A type of mining that makes use of a computer’s processing power is called CPU mining. The nice thing about CPU mining is that it can be done by investing in a CPU and actively taking part in the mining process. Therefore, you can try mining on a CPU first before spending money on a new GPU or an ASIC.

Despite this, this mining technique is not utilised very frequently in the present cryptosphere. This is due to a variety of factors, including:

  • It takes a long time.
  • Power consumption is extremely high.
  • ASIC and GPU mining are light years ahead of CPU mining in performance. It s also possible that you won t be able to successfully validate transactions using CPUs.

GPU Mining

To put it another way, it’s mining carried out via a video graphics card. You therefore require a computer with, ideally, a top-tier graphics card.

GPU mining enables the mining of a wide range of coins. Additionally, one of the main benefits of GPU mining is that you can always switch between the coins you wish to mine, regardless of whether the market is bullish or bearish.

Oh, and having a high-end GPU has a lot of advantages, especially for live streaming, video editing, and gaming. Therefore, it’s an even better investment if you plan to use it for mining in addition to these.

But because GPU mining uses so much more processing power than ASIC mining, it consumes a lot more electricity. Before receiving a return on your initial investment, you might have to wait a long.

ASIC Mining

ASIC, or application-specific integrated circuits, are computer circuits that miners utilise that were created expressly for mining cryptocurrencies. Any cryptocurrency that uses proof of work can be mined with ASICs, but Bitcoin mining is where they are most frequently employed.

One drawback is that because proof of work and ASIC mining use a lot of electricity, people are already exploring for alternatives like proof of stake.

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