What is Shopsy App? How to Download Shopsy App in 2023?

By releasing the Shopsy app, Flipkart hopes to increase the number of people in India who are shopping online, specifically among the country’s internet users, and to make it simpler and cheaper for people to enter the e-commerce market. With this program, anyone may become a product reseller and earn a profit.

Shopsy, like Flipkart, Amazon, and Myntra, is an online shopping app where you may buy various things. The fact that it is introduced by Flipkart itself and is secure is icing on the cake. Learn all you need to know about the Shopsy app and how to start making money with it right here!

What Flipkart Is Gaining by The Launch of Shopsy?

Flipkart is attempting to promote its e-commerce platform to India’s rapidly expanding online population.

The rise of internet access in previously unconnected places has contributed to the rise in the popularity of online shopping. Messaging, social networking, and video consumption all take up significant amounts of time in people’s day.

Nonetheless, due to a lack of confidence, most consumers would rather utilize WhatsApp than other online shopping channels to purchase anything.

But, the Shopsy app lets you share your product inventory with potential buyers using the messaging service WhatsApp. After the buyer has made their selection, the shop user can make the purchase on their behalf and keep a portion of the proceeds as a commission.

Flipkart is attempting to extend its customer base with the use of the shopsy e-commerce app by selling through users’ personal social networks.

Let’s quickly review the app’s installation process before delving into its features.

Asking if Shopsy guarantees security. What exactly is the authenticity of Shopsy?
We must now ask, “Is the Shopsy app secure?” The Shopsy app, which was recently released by Flipkart, is 100% secure. As of right now, it is legit and users are getting paid accordingly.

The Shopsy App: What Is It and How Do I Get It?

  • Start the Google Play app on your phone.
  • Shopsy can now be used as a search term.
  • The Shopsy app is available on the Play Store for mobile devices.
  • You can then join the Shopsy app and access your account by entering the cellphone number you used to register with Flipkart.
  • Type in the OTP and finish signing up.
  • Once you’ve finished the sign-up procedure, you’ll be able to link your Flipkart account to your Shopsy app and access your card details, Wishlist, and address.

How to Place an Order at Shopsy? Or Shopsy App Online Shopping

shopsy app

Below are the measures to take when placing an order:

  • Launch the Shopsy app on your smartphone 1.
  • Do a search for the item you wish to purchase. 3.
  • select this item and click the “Add to Cart” button.
  • Click “Place Order” in your shopping basket to finalize your purchase.
  • Enter the delivery information and select deliver here.
  • Select a payment option and then hit the “Place Order” button.

your merchandise order is ready for final checkout.

What Are the Benefits of the Shopsy App?

  • Using the Shopsy app to make purchases or recommend friends can earn you a substantial income.
  • The quickest shipping times for customers.
  • You’ll earn supercoils with every purchase, and they’ll be added to your Flipkart account automatically.

How to Sell Products on Shopsy?

  • To begin selling on Shopify, step one is to open the “sell on shopsy” tab.
  • Then, choose your preferred contact method (phone or email) and enter your information.
  • you need a PAN card to sell books legally in India.
  • you will have access to many different types of merchandise. To start selling in a specific category, select it from the drop-down menu.
  • Set up a seller account on Shopify.
  • You may tell your friends and relatives about this product by posting it on Facebook or sharing it on Whatsapp. You send them a picture of the product along with the information they need to know about it.
  • You can place an order for the recipient by selecting the “Add to basket” button if they are interested in purchasing the item you have sent them.
  • The next step is to choose a margin and then click the “put order” button.
  • The client’s name, mobile number, and address can be saved.
  • The ordering and payment process consists of 10 simple steps.
  • After the return time has ended, your commission will be deposited into your Shopify account.

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How to Earn Money from Shopsy?

The Shopsy app provides two avenues for financial gain:

Sell products on the shopsy App

We’ve established that promoting products to your personal network, such as on Facebook or WhatsApp, can result in a healthy commission. How much money you make is proportional to how many items you sell.

Refer shopsy app and earn money.

Both you and your friend can earn Rs150 if you use your unique referral code to sign up for the shopsy app. Making money by referring your friends to the shopsy app is another option.

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How to Withdraw Money from Shopsy Shopping App?

shopsy app
  • To withdraw money from your Shopify account, go to Settings > Earnings > Add Bank Account > Fill in Your Address > Save and Continue.
  • After entering your bank information, select the Withdraw Now button. Withdrawals must be at least Rs100.
  • When you’re ready, click “Confirm and Proceed,” and your funds will be sent to your bank account within 1–2 business days.

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