Top 8 Best Alternatives of in 2023!

Sometimes, football fans just can’t wait for the game to end so they can find out who won. Those who bet professionally have the same advantages as those who are just starting out. In order to get their money’s worth, they need to deliver precise findings.

Thus, many websites exist solely for this function. Yet, how can you tell which of these websites is reliable and which is not? We’ve put together this list to the greatest Kenyan soccer prediction sites like PredictZ. In your search for PredictZ alternatives, we hope you find this resource extremely helpful.

Because it offers helpful football recommendations and lets users pick any game from the available games for prediction, PredictZ is a popular choice among many users.

Are there any other websites like it that can provide reliable findings, such its features are supported statistically? Yes, it is the correct response. To help you get the most reliable results and predictions, we have compiled a list of the best nine Kenyan soccer websites currently available:

1. BetEnsured

BetEnsured, one of the most visited soccer prediction websites, has a team made up of specialists and statisticians in the field who have been making football predictions for around 7 years.


  • In order to increase their odds of victory, they take into account a wide variety of game-related information, including past results, goals scored, and more.
  • Daily updates include new and relevant information about upcoming games.
  • As a result, they offer helpful predictions to the bettors.


  • This site updates its forecasts for a variety of games every day to give gamblers a fighting chance.
  • Choices in Foresight: These sites are great since they offer a wide variety of betting markets in which to place your wagers, such as double chance, GG, minimum/maximum goals, etc.


WinDrawWin is a free soccer prediction platform that delivers about 20,000 predictions in a single soccer game and covers more than 100 different global football leagues. The users have benefited greatly from this website because of the many useful suggestions and forecasts it has offered.


  • The website strives for completeness by including data about each football team, including their goal-scoring prowess, goals-per-game average, team shape, etc.
  • Without charge: In addition to predictions, it also provides a number of other useful features for free, such as soccer trends, betting statistics, football results, betting tips, and football statistics.
  • Potential future outcomes: Users can make their predictions based on a number of factors, such as the total number of goals, the number of corners, the total number of times each team scores, and so on. The abundance of different types of prediction alternatives boosts the site’s appeal.

3. Futbol24

Bettors love Futbol24 because it is one of the most reliable sources for soccer predictions and its layout is simple and straightforward. Futbol24 isn’t just a website, though; there are also apps for both Android and iOS. Futbol24 is a favorite among football enthusiasts and gamblers thanks to the following features:


  • Futbol24 is a web-based service that also has Android and iOS apps. Because of this benefit, getting around this website is a breeze.
  • Features
  • Details that are helpful: This site provides a wealth of data, including game statistics, match analysis, live match information, team competition, leagues by country, a list of your favorite matches, etc.
  • Amenities for wagering: Betting on games is simplified by a number of handy tools, such as predictions on who will win and what the odds will be. All of these additions improve the users’ ability to foresee outcomes with precision.

4. Zulubet

When it comes to making predictions, Zulubet focuses solely on the beautiful game of soccer. Zulubet is highly regarded as one of the best prediction services because of the success it has had in predicting soccer matches.


  • You can make more precise wagers with the help of their professional betting advice.
  • Zulubet covers all of the world’s top football leagues, including La Liga, Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, Serie A, English Premier League, Ligue 1, etc.


A precise tally: They are able to produce precise estimates by considering factors such as recent game performance, match statistics, prior results between the two teams, etc.
A website with support for multiple languages: It’s clear that Zulubet is designed with flexibility in mind, as the site supports more than 20 different languages.

5. SoloPredict

Bettors using SoloPredict must pay for betting tips, unlike many other sites. Bettors who spend $50 receive monthly betting advice. Still, it’s a top pick when it comes to Kenyan sites that forecast soccer matches.


  • Only a subset of games is covered by SoloPredict’s betting predictions. Since this is the case, it can produce reliable findings.
  • Accurate predictions are provided thanks to the daily match filtering and prediction service.
  • Their prediction is computed after thoroughly examining the game’s facts and statistics and then made available to users.
  • SoloPredict is accessible via a browser as well as a lightweight mobile application.
  • 1960tips
  • For the past decade, 1960tips has been making a living by predicting soccer games. Because of their wealth of knowledge, they are now recognized as one of the best sites for soccer predictions. This website uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to create a one-of-a-kind prediction program. That’s why so many punters go with 1960tips—they know they’ll get reliable forecasts from us.

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6. Soccervista

Soccervista is mostly concerned with football forecasting. Because of this, it is a favorite among football wagerers. Since they’ve been making predictions since 1999, you can trust that the recommendations they provide will be spot on.

Users of Soccervista have access to real-time statistics scores from their comprehensive soccer team database. This top Kenyan soccer prediction website covers some of the best teams and leagues in the country.

7. Statarea

Statarea attracts a large number of visitors and gamblers thanks to its intuitive design. As the website bases its predictions on data collected from actual games, its users can feel confident in the outcomes they’ve anticipated.


Because users can wager on their own forecasts, it ranks among the most participatory soccer prediction services. Once this is done, the votes will favor all of the placed predictions. Statarea employs precise statistical computations to choose a winner once a result has been determined.

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8. SoccerPunter

SoccerPunter has been around for a long time making accurate football predictions. As a result, this is a go-to site for both seasoned gamblers and those just starting out in the world of soccer betting.

This site offers a lot more than just soccer predictions; customers can also take advantage of arbitrage, live scores, casino poker, and more! Try it out; you might be persuaded that this is one of the top soccer prediction services after all!

The popularity and widespread adoption of soccer prediction sites do not guarantee that they will always provide accurate results. Every time you want to gamble, you should first trust your own instincts.

Most of the aforementioned resources, however, are available to anybody, without charge. The use of some sites may even necessitate the development of a profile. Now you know that these top 9 soccer prediction services are the greatest alternatives to PredictZ.

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