Is There Any Good Bottleneck Calculators (2023)

Advanced computer users frequently like to check the performance of their PCs, and the greatest tools for this purpose are bottleneck calculators. These tools make it simple to identify computers that might be performing slowly and what improvements might be made. Additionally, these calculators are in demand if you are creating a gaming PC to play expensive games. As a result, you will learn in-depth information on whether you can use any reliable bottleneck calculators on your system in this article.

Best Bottleneck Calculators in 2023

is there any good bottleneck calculator

You should be aware that there are presently several online programs on the web that you may use to calculate the same results if you’re looking for the best bottleneck calculator tools.

The performance of one component, known as a bottleneck, may be constrained by the strength of the graphics card or CPU you want to purchase. Use this bottleneck calculator to make sure your components are balanced and then select the proper processor or graphics card.

  • Launch your Google Chrome browser, and go to this link.
  • Select the manufacturer of your processor: AMD or Intel then select the series of processors you have.
  • Then enter the name of your processor model.
  • Do the same for the graphics card. Choose the GPU manufacturer: NVIDIA or AMD. Then select the GPU series you have.
  • Then enter the name of your graphics card model.
  • Enter the amount of memory on board your graphics card and click Calculate.
  • The calculator then tells you the bottleneck rate of the CPU/GPU combination you specified. Depending on the result, you will come to
  • know whether the CPU or processor is not powerful enough for the graphics card or vice versa.

Other Bottleneck Calculator Software

You can use another program called MSI Afterburner to verify the status of your processor, graphics card, RAM, and other components. Although it is not a full-featured bottleneck calculator, the tool accomplishes the job of identifying any potential system problems. Follow the instructions below to check MSI Afterburner bottleneck issues.

  • First, download MSI Afterburner from this link and install it on your PC.
  • Launch the software and navigate to Settings.
  • Enable the on-screen statistics in Settings and make sure that CPU, RAM, GPU, etc percentage checkboxes are ticked or enabled.
  • Lastly, launch any game on your PC and check the CPU, GPU, and RAM utilization percentages. If you find 100% usage for any components, this means a bottleneck with the same peripheral.

That is all there is to know about whether or not there is a reliable bottleneck calculator available. Check out our other tips on our website,, in the interim:Best Solid State Drives for PS5 compatibility.

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