How to View Kindle Books in Continuous Scroll Mode

As the world is becoming more and more technologically advanced, our habits and behaviors are increasingly inclining toward digital. We are largely favoring convenience over traditional methods for doing just about anything. Be it chatting with people online instead of in-person or reading Kindle books instead of physical books, we are getting more digitally inclined with each passing day.

view kindle books in continuous scroll mode

Reading ebooks on Kindle, however, is not just about convenience or the urge to adopt new technology. It s also about going eco-friendly, saving space, and carrying a library at your fingertips. As a bonus, you also get to enjoy flipping the pages virtually with Kindle s interactive page-turning experience.

But sometimes, you might want to try something different. You might want to scroll the virtual pages instead of flipping them every time.

If endless scrolling is what you prefer, here is how you can view Kindle books in Continuous Scroll Mode. Read on to know all about this feature.

How to View Kindle Books in Continuous Scroll Mode?

Kindle is popular among readers worldwide due to its ease of use, interactive interface, support for multiple document formats, and a lot of customization features that enhance the overall reading experience. One of these customization features is the Continuous Scrolling mode.

By default, reading books on Kindle is similar to reading books in real life because you need to scroll horizontally to change pages on the app. However, the app has lately come up with theContinuous Scrollingoption to suit readers like you who want to read Kindle ebooks by scrolling vertically through the book.

Here s how to enable continuous scrolling on the Kindle app on Android and iPhone. The process is the same on both types of devices:

Step 1:Open the Kindle app and open any ebook you want. You can access your ebooks from theLibrarytab of the app.

Step 2:Once you open a book, tap on the center of the screen. Tapping on the screen this way will bring some options to the top of the screen.

Step 3:Tap on theAabutton at the top panel. A pop-up will appear from the bottom of the screen.

Step 4:Swipe up across the pop-up to view all the options properly. Then tap onLayout.

Step 5:You will see several customization options, such asPage Color,Continuous Scrolling,Margins, andAlignment.

Tap on the slider next toContinuous Scrollingto enable the option. That s it; you will be able to read the book by scrolling vertically continuously. The setting will apply to all the books you read on Kindle from now on.

Again, the process described above is the same on Android and iPhone alike. So, you can try this method no matter which device you use.

Can you use continuous scrolling on Kindle for PC?

Unfortunately, the continuous scrolling option is not available on Kindle for PC. We don t know why, but for some reason, the desktop version of the Kindle app doesn t support continuous scrolling despite repeated demands and suggestions from users.

For now, you can only enjoy continuous scrolling on the Kindle mobile app for Android and iPhone.

Why does continuous scrolling turn itself off?

On certain occasions, you might find that continuous scrolling has been disabled automatically, even if you haven t turned it off. This can generally happen due to the following reasons:

There is a technical glitch:

If the feature of continuous scrolling keeps turning off automatically, it is likely due to a technical glitch or bug that causes the app to behave against your preferred settings.

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