How to View Kindle Books in Continuous Scroll Mode

Our routines and behaviors are shifting more and more toward digital as the globe becomes more technologically savvy. In almost every situation, we choose convenience to the conventional approach. We are becoming more digitally oriented every day, whether it’s interacting with people online rather than in person or reading Kindle novels rather than paper ones.

However, there are more reasons to read ebooks on a Kindle than merely convenience or a desire to use cutting-edge technology. Additionally, it’s about conserving space, becoming green, and having a library with you at all times. As an added benefit, you may take use of Kindle’s dynamic page-turning experience to enjoy turning the pages virtually.

But occasionally, you might want to give something else a shot. Instead of flipping the imaginary pages repeatedly, you might wish to scroll them.

Here’s how to browse Kindle books in Continuous Scroll Mode if you like endless scrolling. To learn more about this feature, keep reading.

How to View Kindle Books in Continuous Scroll Mode?

Due to its simplicity of use, interactive design, support for numerous document formats, and numerous customization capabilities that improve the reading experience overall, Kindle is well-liked by people all over the world. The Continuous Scrolling mode is one of these customizing options.

Because you must scroll horizontally to switch pages on the app, reading books on Kindle by default is akin to reading books in real life. Nevertheless, the app recently included the Continuous Scrolling option to accommodate readers like you who prefer to read Kindle ebooks by vertically paging through the book.

Here’s how to make the Kindle app for Android and iPhone enable continuous scrolling. Both types of gadgets follow the same procedure:

First, use the Kindle app and select any book you like. Your ebooks are accessible through the app’s Library tab.

Step 2: After opening a book, tap in the screen’s middle. This will bring some options to the top of the screen when you tap on it.

Step 3: Press the button at the top of the panel. There will be a pop-up window at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: To adequately view all the options, swipe up across the pop-up. Next, select onLayout.

Step 5: Several customization options, including Page Color, Continuous Scrolling, Margin, and Alignment, will be displayed.

To activate the option, slide the dial adjacent to Continuous Scrolling. That’s it; you can now read the book by repeatedly scrolling vertically. Starting now, the setting will be applied to all Kindle books you read.

Once more, both Android and iPhones follow the identical procedure as explained previously. Consequently, you can test this procedure with any device.

Can you use continuous scrolling on Kindle for PC?

Unfortunately, the Kindle for PC does not support continuous scrolling. Despite numerous requests and recommendations from customers, the desktop version of the Kindle software does not, for some reason, support continuous scrolling.

The Kindle mobile app for Android and iPhone is the only one that currently supports continuous scrolling.

Why does continuous scrolling turn itself off?

Even if you haven’t turned it off, there are times when you can discover that continuous scrolling has been automatically disabled. These factors are typically to blame for this:

There is a technical glitch:

If the continuous scrolling option keeps turning off automatically, there is probably a bug or technical issue that makes the program act differently than you desire.

In this situation, updating your Kindle app to the most recent version will solve the problem. You could also uninstall your Kindle app and download the most recent version from the Play Store or App Store instead.

But keep in mind that uninstalling the program will also remove any downloaded books. You must download the books anew when you install the app, even though they will continue to be saved in the cloud and synced to your account.

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