How to Transfer Playlists from Spotify to Apple Music

The two industry titans of music streaming are Spotify and Apple Music. The first company is the market leader (it also offers a free plan), whereas the second hunts after market share by putting an emphasis on quality while simultaneously seeking to demoralize its competition. You don’t need to worry about your long-running playlists if you decide to migrate from Spotify to the platform offered by the Cupertino business. You can follow the simple instructions below to learn how to migrate playlists from Spotify to Apple Music.

How to Transfer Playlists from Spotify to Apple Music (2023)

Can Spotify playlists that have been curated over time be imported into Apple Music? The reply is affirmative, but a third-party program must be used. The SongShift is the name of this app, which is accessible through the App Store and works on both the iPad and the iPhone.

  • Download SongShift, launch the application, and on the welcome screen choose Apple Music from the available services indicated.
  • Repeat the process for Spotify (login credentials are required to complete the operation).
  • Tap on Get Started , then tap on the + button at the top right.
  • Select Setup Source , then in the Source Setup pop-up select Playlist, and finally the Spotify icon. Tap on Continue to proceed ahead.
  • On the Source Playlist page, select the playlist you want to transfer to Apple s streaming service, then click Done .
  • Select I m Finished .
  • Wait for some time for the transfer to complete. Once completed, check the result.
  • If you don t notice any problems, select Confirm Matches .

Now on Apple Music, you can listen to your playlists. Don’t forget to terminate your Spotify Premium membership if you’ve made the decision to rely on Apple’s streaming service (you can do this via the app’s internal settings).

All there is to know about moving playlists from Spotify to Apple Music is what was just stated. Check out guides of a similar nature while you’re here on only:iTunes vs. Spotify Which Apple Music Replay Playlist is the Best and how to Get It?

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