How to Stop iPhone Apps from Spying on You

On your iPhone, a malicious weather software running in the background may know much more about you than you would have dared to imagine. You truly consent to the use of your data for any purpose, including the sale of your private travel information, the instant you enable the use of geolocation, perhaps for the ease of receiving local weather predictions without having to input a location. As a result, we’ll explain in detail below how to prevent these iPhone spying applications from tracking you in this article.

How to Stop iPhone Apps from Spying on You (2023)

It’s critical to restrict the amount of data that background-running iPhone apps can access. And fortunately, it’s really simple to safeguard your privacy using iOS. Check out the instructions provided below to stop iPhone apps from constantly spying on you.

Block iPhone Apps Spying on You

Here are the steps to prevent a particular app on your iPhone from tracking your movements:

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Then go to Privacy > Location Services.
  • Select the app to block from the list.
  • Choose one of the options between Never (no access to GPS), While using the app (only while the app is open, but not when it s in the background), or Always (at all times, more dangerous choice).

Even the iPhone Spyes on you

The iPhone carefully logs every location you visit using maps, calendars, and images in order to enhance the caliber of services provided and the Siri’s intelligence. Although Apple encrypts the data and never shares it with outside businesses, some readers might prefer to keep this information to themselves.

Open Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Relevant Locations and turn Off the corresponding option to disable the feature.

Clear Location History

iPhone automatically maintains a database of your most frequently visited locations to give you relevant location data in Maps, Calendar, Photos, and other apps. The time zone on your device can be configured automatically based on your location, or an app may use your location data and geographical searches to assist you identify nearby bars and movie theaters.

Although end-to-end encryption technically protects your places list, you can quickly clear it by using the method below because you can never be too careful.

  • Open Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services (at the bottom of the list) > Frequent Places.
  • Wait for the biometric recognition.
  • Touch Clear history.

That is all there is to know about how to prevent iPhone apps from monitoring your activities. While you’re here, you might also find the following similar iPhone guides interesting:How to Block Websites in Safari on iPhone and iPad, as well as How to Block Emails on iPhone.

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