How To Share A WiFi Password

If you wish to share WiFi, there is one roadblock: password sharing. How do you transfer the password from a device onto a friend’s or relative’s device so they may utilise your connection given that it’s likely that you’ve misplaced the card with the password on it?

A WiFi password can be easily shared. So that all of your visitors may use the internet without any problem, we’ll be demonstrating how to find it on an existing device and then share it.

Share WiFi password From Your Phone

You may now share your WiFi password from your phone thanks to new upgrades from Apple and Android. By doing this, you can use your phone to connect all of your other gadgets to WiFi without having to repeatedly punch long numbers.

Let’s now go over both of the options for sharing WiFi with other devices since they are slightly different on iPhones and Androids.


Apple Phones

You must be using iOS 11 or a later upgrade since Apple has issued a new update that lets you share Wi-Fi.

Check to see if your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are on, then look for connections.



Launch Settings

Open Settings on an iPhone before selecting Wi-Fi. After you see anything like Wi-Fi Password, scroll down and touch on it.



WiFi Password

Now, tap on the item labelled “WiFi Password” after scrolling down until you see it. Following this, a window will appear asking if you wish to share the WiFi password with others.

Keep in mind that in order to do this, you will need to be close to another iPhone user. Also, they must have WiFi turned on and be looking for a network.

Their phone should connect to your WiFi immediately after you give them the WiFi password. You may do this for your own gadgets, including Apple MacBooks and iPads, as well as the phones of your friends.

Although this is a fantastic feature, several users have complained that the popup only occasionally appears. Hence, if the popup doesn’t display for you, you might not be able to share your Wi-Fi.


Android Phones

Sharing your WiFi password is even simpler on an Android phone than it is on an iPhone. This is due to the fact that you don’t need a popup to share your WiFi. Instead, you need to locate a button under Settings.



Make Sure That Your WiFi And Bluetooth Are Turned On

First, make sure Bluetooth and WiFi are turned on. Next pick WiFi from the options menu.



Scroll Down And Select WiFi Network

Get the name of your current WiFi network by scrolling down. After tapping it, tap the three dots icon next to it. You can decide whether to share the WiFi passcode from a choice that will appear.

Other devices can connect by scanning the QR code that will be present here instead of typing the lengthy WiFi code.


Can You Share Your Password Through Windows?

No, there isn’t a feature in Windows right now that lets you share your WiFi with other devices. Even said, there is a simpler method for sharing the password than repeatedly typing it in.

This is accomplished by using Settings to copy the WiFi code.



Click On WiFi Connection

Go to Network and Internet, then Network and Sharing Center, after selecting Settings. Locate the Wireless Properties button by clicking on the name of your WiFi connection.



Head To The Security Tab

Choose the Security tab, then select Display Characters. The Network Security Key option should now display the password.

You can copy this password, send it to other devices, and then paste it in the WiFi password field on those other devices. If you don’t want to type the password again, this will save you time. When you need to locate the WiFi password for future use after losing it, it might also be helpful.


It’s simple to figure out how to share your WiFi password. You only need to turn on your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and look for networks to connect to. Make sure you’re using the correct approach because there are differences between the methods for Android and Apple phones.

Windows doesn’t have a tool that lets you share your password with other people, but it does offer a very helpful one that lets you see the Wi-Fi password and copy and paste it for other people.

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