How to See Mutual Connection on LinkedIn

There are two ways to meet new people in life: either they are friends or acquaintances of your present friends, or you meet them independently at a class, office, restaurant, gym, etc. In the second scenario, the individual who introduced you to them would be a connection between you two; a sort of mutual friend. In the world of social media, the idea of shared friends, followers, and relationships is fairly similar.

see mutual connection on linkedin

You first connect with one user, and then you discover someone who resonates with you in their tales, tags, mentions, or even the comments on their post. As a result, the two of you continue to connect.

On other social media sites, this might not be as common, but on LinkedIn, it’s becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. Building a network of like-minded people on LinkedIn will help you develop and gain from their experiences and thoughts.

As you might have guessed by now, the topic of our conversation in today’s blog will be the mutual connections on LinkedIn. To learn all about it, keep reading!

How to See Mutual Connection on LinkedIn

Regardless of whether you are connected to them or not, it is quite simple to check out the mutual connections between you and another LinkedIn member. This is due to the fact that most users maintain a public profile to increase their visibility.

We have created a specific step-by-step tutorial and attached it below to help you with the procedure. Look at this:

Step 1: Navigate to a blue square icon with a writing inside of it on the app grid of your smartphone. When you discover this icon, tap it to start LinkedIn on your device.

Step 2: As soon as the app launches, you’ll land on the Home tab.

You must first visit the profile of the other LinkedIn member in order to discover your shared connections. There are two methods to accomplish that:

by using your own Connections list to search for them.

just typing their username into the Home tab’s search bar.

The latter is undoubtedly a quicker and more efficient approach, so we’ll stick with it in this instance.

Step 3: Find a blank space with a magnifying glass icon and the word “Search” written next to it.

You can tap on this bar, type the name of the person whose connections you’ve been interested in, and then hit Enter.

Step 4: If you spelled this person’s name correctly, you’ll see their name at the top of the search results that are presented on your screen next.

Step 5: Here, below their name, are two buttons: a white button with View full profile and a blue button with Message written on it.

To access their profile, tap the white button.

Step 6: When you visit their profile, you will first see their background and profile image, then their name, location, connections, and finally mutual connections.

This portion, which is toward the bottom, will start by listing the number of connections you and the other person share.

There will be a list of your first two connections’ names, followed by and XYZ others (where XYZ represents the number of your mutual connections after removing the first two connections).

Step 7: After tapping this section, you’ll be transported to another tab with a search bar at the top and a list of all the people you have in common with on the site.

If you want to focus your search results or are seeking for a certain person, you may utilize the many sorting options that are located directly beneath the search field.

Can you hide your mutual connections on LinkedIn?

We have so far gone into great detail on the value of mutual connections on LinkedIn. On this site, not everyone is there to grow their network, though. There is a sizable group of users that don’t want to spend a lot of time on the site and are merely there to maintain an online presence.

These are the people who choose to keep their contacts with one another private in order to avoid attracting too much notice on the platform. Here is something you need to bear in mind if you’re one of those LinkedIn users looking for a solution to hide their mutual connections:

On LinkedIn, your connections and mutual connections are interconnected, so you can’t hide one without the other.In other words, you would have to completely hide your connections if you wanted to hide your shared connections on LinkedIn. Do you want to move forward with that? If so, perhaps our step-by-step instructions can assist you. Look at this:

Launch LinkedIn on your device, then move the thumbnail of your profile photo to the top-left corner of the screen from the Hometab that you initially land on.

When you locate the thumbnail, tap it.

Step 2: The following tab is the Profile tab. Can you make out a search bar with your name written on it here? You can find a greycogwheelicon by looking to the right side of it. Touch it.

Step 3: After that, you’ll be directed to your account’s settings page, where you can choose from the following six options:

Account settings

Security & sign-in



Data Security

Ad information

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