How to See First Message on Discord Without Scrolling

Discord is regarded as one of the more contemporary social media networks. This network, which was introduced about 8 years ago, was designed more as an instant messaging medium, similar to WhatsApp, than as a social media platform. The platform was intended to provide a forum for like-minded individuals to interact and converse informally in both private and group chats. And if you’re wondering how the app differs from WhatsApp, the explanation is as follows:

Discord was created with the gaming community in mind and is primarily intended to offer services and features that cater to gamers. Not that there aren’t non-gamers on the site today; it has become incredibly diverse.

We’re here to help if any of you have had trouble scrolling back on a Discord server. Follow through till the end to learn some solutions!

How to See First Message on Discord Without Scrolling?

As you are all aware, scrolling up is the traditional method for going back in any chat or conversation on smartphones and tablets.

The same procedure also applies to Discord. For some users, it might not always be practical, particularly if they require a really ancient message. Discord’s servers now have a Search option to aid users in such a situation.

This feature enables you to search by various criteria in addition to allowing you to always go back to the initial message of a chat, regardless of how long it has been since then. You might be wondering how it could accomplish that. We’re about to demonstrate that to you.

To view a server’s initial message on Discord, follow these steps:

Step 1: Your screen will have three sections as soon as you open a server on the Discord web platform at

The channel that is now active on your screen is listed at the top of the leftmost one, which is a list of all of your channels. The names of all channel participants are listed on the rightmost one, while the chat itself is in the centre.

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