How To Screenshot On An HP Laptop

Screenshots are an excellent approach to prevent the loss of your work. All laptops and computers allow for the taking of screenshots.

The screenshot feature can be quite useful if you want to grab stills from movies or television shows, offer someone step-by-step instructions, or show them what you’re now viewing.

We’ll go over how to screenshot on an HP laptop in this article.

First, hit the Print Screen key.

The Print Screen key is situated just above the Escape key in the upper left corner of your keyboard. To take a snapshot of your complete screen on your HP laptop, press and hold this key for around 3 seconds.

2. Add the screenshot to your clipboard.

Copy can be chosen from the drop-down menu by pressing the PrtScn button.

A blinking cursor will emerge in the lower right corner of your screen when you hit PrtScn, and your desktop will display on the screen.

The copied screenshot will be kept under the blinking cursor.

3. Paste the screenshot into Paint after opening it.

Paste the screenshot into Paint.

Drag the snapshot to the desired location on your canvas using your mouse.

Click Save As after placing your screenshot.

Click Save after giving your file a name and selecting a destination location.

Step 4: Crop the image as necessary.

Use these steps to crop the screenshot as necessary:

Open the screenshot, then choose Edit in the menu.

The selection tool, which appears as a box with a line across it in the toolbar at the top of your screen, should be selected.

When you’ve made your choice, click and drag it over any area of the screen you want to keep.

The main menu contains the Crop option.

Drag the screenshot’s edges with your mouse until they take on the appearance you desire.

5. Save the screenshot of the cropped HP laptop.

The screenshot of the cropped HP laptop can be saved in a few different ways.

Most websites have a button that looks like this in the lower-right corner if you’re using a web browser:

Moreover, you can select Switch Action by going to Settings > System > Accessibility > Mouse & Touchpad. This will lead you through a number of settings and let you use the keyboard to move the mouse pointer. The screenshot will be stored with a thick black border if you select this option and then click Show Full Screen.

Get a screenshot of an HP laptop in fullscreen.

With an HP laptop, take a fullscreen screenshot by doing the following:

Press the Power button once more after selecting Shut Down from the menu.

Press the Power button once more after selecting Restart from the menu.

Press F9 to launch Safe Mode after selecting Shut Down (if needed).

Look for Snipping Tool in the Start menu, then click it to launch it.

To save your screenshot to your local hard drive or USB stick, click Create and then choose Save As: Click using your right mouse button anywhere on the grey area of your screen, then select “Save As” from the menu that displays (onWindows 10). To see this option in your context menu, simply hover your mouse cursor over the item.)

the HP laptop’s active window

On your HP laptop, take the following actions to capture the active window (the one you are presently working in):

Your keyboard’s PrtScn button should be depressed and then released.

Choose Save as Image from the pop-up menu after selecting File from the drop-down menu.

To paste a screenshot into an image file and save it, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V.

This window can now be closed by clicking anywhere outside of it to shut it fully or by selecting Exit from the drop-down list at the top left of your screen and pressing Enter on your keyboard.

On your HP laptop, you have now successfully captured an active window! Go to My Photos and choose Screenshots from the drop-down menu to view it.

You can open any of your screenshots by clicking on them in this folder, which will show all of your screenshots.

Right-click on a screenshot in this list and choose Delete from the drop-down menu to remove it.

snapshot of a touchscreen laptop from HP

You may take screenshots of your computer screen and save them as images using the built-in screen capture feature on HP laptops.

Screenshots of an HP touchscreen laptop are shown below.

Open the Control Panel first. Click Start > Settings > Control Panel to access the Control Panel.

On the Control Panel box, click the System and Security icon, then select System and Security.

Click Administrative Tools under System and Security (or double-click System Properties if it s not already selected).

Double-click New Task (Schedule) on the left side of the window that appears after selecting Task Scheduler from the Administrative Tools menu.

Give your job a name, such “Take Screenshots.” Choose whether or not you want alerts delivered to your email address when this job is done. (Notifications are only displayed if you’ve configured alerts in System.)

When prompted, click OK before entering your password.

Choose the frequency of this task’s execution by clicking Triggers on the left side of the Task Scheduler window; options include once daily at a certain time of day or every 5 minutes (the default setting).


The Windows Logo Key is another name for the Windows Key. On the keyboard, it is a circular, green key positioned immediately next to the Ctrl Key. To avoid being confused for a regular Function Key, it is frequently buried deep. This key will take a screenshot of your screen and save it to your Photos Library so you may see it or, if necessary, edit it.

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