How to Remove Camera from iPhone Lock Screen (2023)

If you have an iPhone, you may have noticed that there is a camera icon in the bottom right corner of your lock screen. This feature allows you to quickly access your camera without unlocking your phone. However, some iPhone users may find this feature annoying or unnecessary, and may want to remove it from their lock screen, and for the same, this guide will help you.

iPhone: How to remove the Camera from Lock Screen (2023)

iPhone 14: How to remove Camera from Lock Screen

The only method to remove the camera from the lock screen currently is from Screen Time settings, and here s how you can do it:

  • Firstly, open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap the Screen Time tab.
  • Then, scroll down, and tap the Content & Privacy Restrictions tab from the Screen Time settings screen.
  • Now tap the Content & Privacy Restriction toggle from the new screen.
  • Then tap the Allowed apps tab below it.
  • On the Allowed Apps screen, scroll down and tap the Camera toggle to turn it off.
  • Finally, close the settings app, turn off your screen, then open the lock screen without unlocking your device, and the camera should stop working.
  • Note that when you remove the camera from your lock screen, you won t able to see the Camera app on your home screen either. To get back the camera on your home screen, you will need to follow the above settings and turn on the Camera toggle by tapping on it.

Can you access the Photos app from Lock Screen?

Only the pictures you take while on the lock screen are accessible from the lock screen. However, you cannot access the photo albums unless you unlock your iPhone.

That s everything covered on how to remove the camera from the iPhone lock screen. Also, check out our other guides, such asHow to transfer apps and data to a new iPhoneorHow to change your contact photo on iPhone 14.

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