How To Remove A Sim Card From Your iPhone

Although SIM cards are typically included into cellphones, you may also buy them separately. Before you dispose of the phone because you might wish to upgrade to a new model or get rid of your old one, it might be helpful to save the SIM card. Continue reading if you don’t know how to remove a SIM card from an iPhone.


How To Remove The Sim Card From Your iPhone

With an iPhone, changing or removing your SIM card is a simple and quick process.



Turn Off Your iPhone

You need to first switch off your phone.

This will ensure that your SIM card doesn’t receive any electricity while you remove it and safeguard its integrity.



Find The Sim Card Tray

The SIM tray on your phone must then be found. Your phone’s SIM card slides into and out of this tray.

Every iPhone generation has a different location for the SIM tray, so you’ll need to figure out where it is on your particular model.

The SIM card tray is often found on the right side of iPhone 11 models.

The SIM tray should be on the left for iPhones 12 and 13.

If you are unsure, thoroughly inspect each edge of the iPhone because some of the earlier models have the SIM tray on top.



Open The Sim Card Tray

You must open your SIM card tray once you’ve located it. You can eject the tray by pushing it through the opening next to it.

Using a SIM-ejector tool is an option. Most electronics retailers carry these tools, but if you buy a new iPhone, one should be included.

You can also use a paper clip if necessary, but the tools have an unique tip that fits into the slot.

The tray will pop out if you insert the tool’s or a paper clip’s tip into the hole.

Now carefully remove your iPhone’s SIM card tray by sliding it out.

Since that the tray is only a small plastic component, it is crucial to use caution when taking the SIM card out of your phone and removing the tray.

It is best to take your device to an Apple store if you have trouble opening the SIM tray or if you can’t fully slide it out.



Remove Your Sim Card

Once the SIM card tray has been removed, you have the option of adding a new SIM card to the space left on the tray or removing your current SIM card.

The tray has a tiny notch on one of the corners. This describes where to put your SIM card.

Sim cards are made to fit only one way so that your phone can read the chip inside of them.

Put a new Sim card in your iPhone after removing the old one. Make sure the Sim card in your phone is the right size.

It’s possible that your new SIM card won’t fit flat against the tray’s edge. If this occurs, simply squeezing the Sim card down until it fits properly may help.



Re-inserting The Sim Tray

It only takes a few easy motions to slide a fresh SIM card into the slot. You must re-insert the tray into your iPhone after the initial insertion.

To make sure that your phone can read the new Sim card, you must insert it in the exact same orientation as when you removed it.

If you try to insert the tray the wrong way, you will typically experience some resistance. Try flipping the tray around if you are having trouble squeezing it back into your iPhone’s card slot.


It’s simple to remove a Sim card from your iPhone. You should be able to rapidly get your iPhone working again if you simply adhere to the above instructions.

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