How to play Time Crisis 5 without TeknoParrot

Unfortunately, TeknoParrot has blocked access to Time Crisis 5 on their emulation layer under the requirement for Patreon. It’s understood why they did this, but it’s not like they can do a lot of work for free all the time, and sometimes that means you can’t play the incredibly odd and amazing Time Crisis 5.

The sequel to the now extremely popular Time Crisis series, Time Crisis 5, has the standard light gun action of aiming at a screen and shooting bad guys until you need to insert another credit to keep playing. The benefit of playing on a PC is that you can dispense with the light gun and just use the mouse and keyboard.

While not exactly the most thrilling way to play, I do highly recommend you at least witness this game in its full glory at some point in your life, as it is like it fell from an alternate universe where video games carried on being made as if the leap in storytelling and such didn t progress further from House of the Dead s initial entry.

Aside from this, Time Crisis 5 may be played in full without TeknoParrot; you just need to spend some time looking through the files to find the proper thing to click.

There is no need for the many layers of emulation between the game and operating system because the game plays natively on the majority of PC hardware. After all, it is only utilising the Unreal 3 Engine.

In the folder where all the files were extracted, then go to:

Binaries > Win64 > start.bat TC5

This batch file will let you use the game as you choose without making a big deal out of it not being a part of an arcade system.

Naturally, since there is no native mechanism to rebind the controls, you must either continue using your preferred key rebinder (like Microsoft PowerTools) or utilise a programme akin to Joy2Key if you want to use a controller.

The game’s primary controls are as follows:

  • Mouse to point and shoot, with Shift + H to turn on the crosshair
  • T and Y are your pedals
  • Shift + T to insert credits
  • F11 for Window or Full Screen
  • CTRL + Q to quit

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