How to play PS2 games on your jailbroken PS4 9.00 and lower

If you have a PlayStation 4 that is version 9.00 or lower and haven’t done it yet, have a look at how to do it and install the Homebrew Store.

It’s a shame that Sony decided to simply stop supporting any PS2 emulation in the PS4 in favour of serialising PS2 Classics releases and then only sometimes updating it. There are several masterpieces, curiosities, and real stinkers on the PlayStation 2 that should still be playable today.

Where else can I go after playing that terrible Little Britain game after Shadow of the Colossus? Maybe the first two Disaster Report video games? In any case, imitating these older, more difficult-to-find games has never been simpler with a jailbroken game. with an enormous catch.

Emulation has been complicated for those working behind the scenes because they must rework it for a different skew of a well-known platform. There are many games that function as of right now, but not the entire 100% list that you’d enjoy on PCSX2 and similar emulators. It’s a work in progress, so more should eventually be added.

You can see which games are effective, but results may vary. On the playability front, I’ve had essentially perfect results with every game I’ve tested.

What you ll need

You’ll need to download a few apps and get your PS2 files from somewhere else.

We won’t divulge the source of these PS2 files to you. PC Guide does not support the usage of unauthorised ROMs.

You’ll either require IPI, Remote Package Installer, or you can just disregard it if you’re passing them over over USB and install via GoldHEN as usual.

Converting PS2 games to PS4 PKG files

Here is the tutorial for it.

You’ll notice that PS2 games almost always come with a CUE and BIN file. An ISO file is only still required by PCSX2 and a few other emulators for individuals who prefer to burn a physical disc to play rather than play digitally.

But, you must tone those ISOs in order to create a PKG file. Inputting the BIN or CUE will ultimately cause the programme to crash.

Convert PS2 BIN files to ISO

Launch PS2 Classic GUI and go through the tutorial to become comfortable with the different buttons. It is located in the Debug folder; you may create a shortcut for quick access. It’s simple, and when you’re finished, just shut the window. A low-resolution PS2 video will start up before the software is launched.

Convert to PS4 PKG Files

Now launch the freeware tool WinBin2ISO, which doesn’t require installation. Ignore the CUE and where you want it to go, and point it in the direction of your BIN file. From here, you should return to the PS2 GUI and select the ISO button to obtain your ISO. If the name doesn’t look right, you can change it in the title section.

A replace icon or cover option will appear when you right-click over the icon. This is done so you may choose what will be displayed on the icon list when the console is first loaded.

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