How to Mirror iPhone Screen to a Smart TV

You might occasionally need to stream material from your iPhone to a smart TV. The use of a screen mirroring capability makes this possible. Users can utilize this capability to mirror the smartphone’s screen to a larger display, like a smart TV. This guide provides all the information you need to mirror your iPhone’s screen to a smart TV using one of several methods.

iPhone: How to Mirror Screen to a Smart TV

Here’s how to wirelessly connect with Airplay on your iPhone to a smart TV or use an HDMI connection to reflect your iPhone’s screen to the device:

1. Using HDMI cable

The methods below will show you how to mirror your iPhone to your smart TV using an HDMI cable:

  • Firstly, you need to connect a compatible adapter to your iPhone lightning cable or USB port.
  • At the same time connect the other end of the adapter to the HDMI port of your smart TV.
  • Lastly, you will need to switch to the correct output source on your smart TV to start mirroring your iPhone.

2. Using AirPlay

You can use AirPlay to mirror your iPhone if you don’t have a compatible HDMI cable. However, your smart TV must have AirPlay for this method to operate. If your device supports AirPlay, follow these steps to mirror your iPhone:

  • Open the Control Center on your iPhone by swiping down from the top-right corner of the screen.
  • From the Control Center, tap the Screen mirror tile which is represented by two squares.
  • Then select your device name from the list that appears on your screen.
  • A passcode will appear on your TV screen, enter it on your iPhone to connect.
  • Your iPhone screen will immediately start casting on your TV.
  • You can now stream the contents of your iPhone on your smart TV.

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