How To Make Your Mic Loud On Discord

On December 29, 2022, it was last updated.

With the help of the instant messaging programme Discord, you may communicate with users inside of servers, or channels. While typing is more than welcome on these sites, many users prefer to use voice and video chat, which both require a microphone.

So you want to increase the volume of your Discord microphone. You might need a new microphone or your settings might be out of whack, for example, if your microphone is quiet. Read our guide to learn how to address potential problems.


Check Discord Settings

If your microphone is not functioning as you would like it to, checking your Discord settings is a fantastic place to start your investigation. We’ll demonstrate a few things you can check to determine the issue.



Open Settings

The Discord mic settings may have slipped your mind while you were adjusting other settings. Your microphone may be quiet due to this.

The Discord general settings should be visible right next to your profile symbol. There are many settings inside here that are worth looking at, but today we are interested in the Voice and Video settings.

Select Voice and Video under App Options in these settings. You may adjust your microphone here and discover all the options you need to fix any problems.



Do A Mic Test

A mic test feature is available in this part of the voice options. Your microphone levels are tested, and the results are visible. There may be a hardware problem someplace if the levels are low; we’ll get to that in a moment.

In either case, a mic test will demonstrate to you exactly how your microphone sounds to others who are listening.

One frequent problem is that you may have unintentionally or by a default setting lowered the input or output volume down too much. You can tell the difference if you simply crank them both up.



Check Your Input Mode

Even though it might not directly effect loudness, there is a setting that many people overlook and could help you make your Discord mic louder.

There are two alternate options under Input Mode for how you want your microphone to function.

Voice Activity basically means that if your microphone picks up any audio, whether your voice or your mother yelling at you to finish supper, it will immediately transmit that audio to your server.

Another slide lets you choose your microphone’s input sensitivity, which is simply how much background noise it will pick up in addition to your speech.

You may choose when you want to speak and when you want your microphone to be silent with the help of Push To Talk. As Twitch has demonstrated in the past, hot mics can occasionally result in problems, so having one can be beneficial. To make life easier, you can even keybind the microphone button.

There are numerous other settings in the Advanced area that can modify both your microphone and how you hear other people.


Consider What Mic You Are Using

Your microphone may sound extremely quiet even after you’ve gone through the settings and performed some mic tests for a number of reasons.

Think about the microphone you are using. There may be problems if you are merely using the computer’s built-in microphone for this.

The microphone on your laptop can just be old and broken if you’ve used it for a while. If your headphone microphone is outdated and you are speaking into it, the actual microphone may also be defective or broken.

Last but not least, if you have been using an external microphone for a long and it suddenly becomes much quieter, this will, once again, be a hardware issue brought on by outdated or broken components. Furthermore, I’m sorry to be that person, but turn it up all the way!

Consider purchasing a new external microphone in these cases, or changing out an outdated one. If you want to use voice chat frequently and are using your laptop or headphones, we advise purchasing an external microphone.

A well-liked, high-end microphone called the Blue Yeti will loudly and accurately capture your voice. Consider thisTONOR microphone if you want something a little more affordable.

In Summary

We hope that by using the tips in our post, you were able to turn up the volume on your Discord microphone. Your voice on Discord will ultimately only be as loud as your microphone will allow it to be. If everything is already at the highest volume, there is no easy way to raise your microphone’s volume.

The majority of the time, a broken or malfunctioning microphone is to blame. Sometimes you have to give up in this circumstance and purchase a new microphone.

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