How to Know if Someone Unmatched You on Tinder

Your self-esteem can take a hit if you are rejected on Tinder, especially if you are new to the app. However, once you get the hang of this popular dating app, you ll see that getting unmatched is actually fairly common.

know if someone unmatched you on tinder

There are now two types of users you can run into on the app: those who unmatch you after discovering that things can t work out between you and those who just set off silently. Users are curious as to whether and how they can find out if someone unmatched them on Tinder.

So, are you also looking forward to the answers? Read this blog through to the end to learn the answers.

How to Know if Someone Unmatched You on Tinder?

You cannot compel someone to love you, isn t it? Therefore, unmatching the other person is the best solution Tinder provides its users.

The problem is that Tinder doesn t let us know when someone unmatches with us, so it bothers us when we can t locate the person we ve been chatting with. While you might have believed your chemistry was strong and could have gone even further, you might now feel that everything has lost its appeal. But, hey, there are over 75 million monthly active users on the app, and we are sure you will find another person!

How are you meant to determine if someone has unmatched you or if the app has a problem? In the sections below, let s look at some telltale indications of unmatching on the Tinder app.

There may be a glitch on Tinder

We can start by considering the chance that a Tinder bug caused your match to vanish without warning. Now, it is not a wild guess because bugs are prevalent on the app. It can stifle conversation and make it a little challenging to work on the app. Therefore, we ll urge you to start with fixes that can steer clear of potential bugs.

Turning off your smartphone and exiting the app are the first steps. Restart the app and log in to see if everything is back to normal.

You can also attempt to update your app directly from the respective app stores.

Steps to update your Tinder app:

Step 1:Open yourrespective storesand search forTinder.

Step 2:Check if there s anupdateavailable and click on it.

Open the app after it has successfully updated.

You can use the ultimate weapon and force stop the app in the settings itself to kill it from the background.

Steps to force stop Tinder:

Step 1:Opt forSettingson your device and go toapps.

Step 2:Choose themanage appsoption, navigate to theTinder app,and click on it.

Step 3:Selectforce stopfrom the bottom and confirm the action.

Go over to your messages on Tinder

Checking our Tinder DMs, where we connect with prospective dates, is our best option right now.

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