How To Italicize On Discord

Are you interested in finding out how to italicise text on Discord?

Italics are a common formatting method that emphasises key points in digital text, much like bolding or underlining does. In general, it can be used to indicate titles (of movies, TV shows, books, etc.) or bring attention to significant information. It can also be used for humour or sarcasm.

There are various ways to italicise text in Discord, including right-clicking and highlighting, utilising keyboard keys, and using markup language.

But if this sounds challenging, don’t worry!

This article describes how to italicise on Discord and includes straightforward step-by-step directions as well as illustrations.


How to Italicize Text On Discord

On Discord, there are three different ways to italicise text. This article outlines all three approaches in 5 simple stages so you may test them out and decide which one you like best.

A quick reminder: The steps below outline how to italicise on Discord in both the desktop app and online browser versions of the application.

A single asterisk will show on either side of italicised text on Discord, it is also important to note.

The italicised text is denoted by these asterisks (used in markup language). The asterisks won’t be shown in the message you email or post, despite that.


Highlighting And Right-Clicking

1. Write the Discord message or post that you want to send.

2. Put a highlighter over the text you want italicised.

3. Use your right mouse button to choose the highlighted text.

4. Choose the italics sign.

5. Completed! Your highlighted text is now italicised and is shown with a single asterisk either side of it.


Keyboard Shortcuts

1. On Discord, start typing your message and pause before the text you wish to italicise.

2. While simultaneously pressing I on your keyboard, press CMD OR CTRL (depending on whether you’re using a Mac or PC). There will be two asterisks (the text cursor will be in the middle).

3. Italicize the text you want to use. A single asterisk will appear on either side of the italicised text.

4. To continue typing text that is not in italics, place the text cursor outside of the asterisks.

5. Completed!


Markup Language

1. On Discord, start typing your message and pause before the text you wish to italicise.

2. Press shift + 8 on your keyboard to enter a single asterisk.

3. Italicize the text you want to use.

4. Type one more asterisk (shift + *) after you have done writing in italics.

5. Completed! Asterisks indicate that the text within them will be italicised.


How To Make Text Bold On Discord

Another typical formatting technique to make a message’s entirety or a portion stand out is bold text. It is typically used to highlight an essential point.

You’ll be happy to know that there are three distinct ways to bold text on Discord, all of which follow the same technique as italicising text above.

When you highlight and right-click on text, you can choose the Bicon for bold by highlighting the text you wish to make bold.

Keyboard shortcuts: Press cmd OR ctrl (depending on whether you’re using a Mac or PC) and B simultaneously on your keyboard before you start entering the text you want to format in bold.

Markup language: To make text bold, put two asterisks before and after it (shift + 8) without using any spaces.


Try out different text formatting options and start being more inventive while publishing and sending messages in Discord now that you know how to italicise!

In addition to being italicised, text can also be bolded, underlined, and struck through.

Try out each formatting style to spice up your Discord communication. Formatting in these styles is done in a manner similar to that described in the preceding instructions.

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