How to get Boneworks on Oculus Quest 2

As there are no wires required, the Oculus Quest 2 allows you to enjoy a wide variety of VR experiences and games directly on the headset. But, because some of the best experiences are only compatible with specific headsets, it might be a little confusing to load them up.

One piece of VR software that many headset owners have been talking about is Boneworks and especially Quest 2 owners, have been wondering if it s available on their headset. We’ll explain what Boneworks is and whether you can obtain it on your Quest 2 in the sections below.

What is Boneworks?

Anybody with a headset should try to install Boneworks on their system because it is an excellent VR experience. The goal of Boneworks is to push the limits of virtual reality immersion by offering a wholly original, experimental physics VR adventure that puts your combat prowess and response speeds to the test.

Can you get Boneworks on Oculus Quest 2?

Now that you are aware of what Boneworks is, can you obtain it on the Oculus Quest 2? Yes and no, I suppose.

Just because the game’s developer isn’t looking to migrate the experience across, you can’t install it straight on the headset. You can, however, have it installed on your PC and employ means of exporting it to your Quest 2 to enable you to enter the experience without any difficulty.

Continue reading to see precisely what you must do to obtain Boneworks for the second quest.

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