How to fix iPhone Screen Keeps Scrolling Itself (2023)

Everyone loses understanding of how the iPhone screen goes up and down on its own while you are typing a message or reading news online. Although it’s not a bug, it can still be a hassle for iPhone users. Fortunately, though, the solution to this issue is as simple as tapping the Apple device. You can find detailed instructions for fixing iPhone screen scrolling problems in this guide.

Fix: iPhone Screen Keeps Scrolling Itself (2023)

When iPhone first came out, a finger could operate the entire device. Then, starting with the iPhone 6, the display began to grow increasingly larger, forcing users to use two hands to type or reach farther-reaching areas of the screen. As a result, Apple developed accessibility, a technology that addresses the issue of being able to use or wanting to use only one finger.

When using iPhone with one hand in portrait mode, the Accessibility feature, which is enabled by default, enables you to lower the top portion of the screen so that your thumb can more easily reach it. Therefore, what happens is that you unintentionally turn on Accessibility. But what exactly is the offense? According to the iPhone model:

  • iPhone with Face ID: At the bottom edge of the screen, swipe down.
  • iPhone with Home button: Lightly tap the Home button twice.

Turn off Accessibility

Check out the straightforward technique below to permanently disable Accessibility:

  • Open Settings > Accessibility > Touch.
  • Turn off the Ease of Access toggle switch.
  • That s it, from now on, the hassle of the iPhone screen moving by itself will be solved forever.

What if the iPhone screen still moves?

There may be an issue with the iPhone’s Touch if you continue to encounter further oddities or unwelcome clicks on the interface. However, 99.99% of the time the issue is with the hardware rather than the software. Consultation with an Apple Authorized Center is the sole available remedy in these circumstances.

That is all there is to know about how to stop the iPhone screen from automatically scrolling. Check out our other articles only on our website How to Turn ON Night Mode in iPhone XR Camera, and How to Remove Camera from iPhone Lock Screen if you’re looking for similar types of iPhone guides.

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