How to Find Someone’s Phone Number from LinkedIn

As LinkedIn celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, the website has expanded to an impressive 875 million users. Yes, it’s considerably less than Facebook or Instagram, but given that this is a professional site, the effort is still commendable. On this platform, 52 million individuals seek for employment each week, and 8 people are hired every single minute. These statistics demonstrate how crucial networking is on this site, regardless of whether you’re an employer or a job seeker.

LinkedIn made it simpler to discover jobs when doing so was difficult, but is it now that the platform has grown rapidly that finding anyone is simple? Are you specifically looking for their phone number?

We’re delighted you came to us if these questions have been weighing you down lately. If you want to find the answer, keep reading until the very end.

How to Find Someone s Phone Number from LinkedIn?

LinkedIn, the most popular professional social media platform, is extremely simple to use. The same is true of its features for seamless connection.

All professionals must be able to quickly obtain each other’s contact information in order to connect and network here.

Because of this, LinkedIn has positioned the Contact info box at the top of each profile. Along with their email address, LinkedIn profile link, address, and other details, you can probably find the user’s phone number here.

Nevertheless, not every contact information page has a phone number. Who knows why? LinkedIn values its users’ privacy very highly.

Because of this, individuals are given the option of whether or not to make their contact information—specifically, their phone number—public. Additionally, it has given them personalization options for who can view their contact information. People typically turn on this setting for their connections.

Therefore, if someone chooses to make their phone number accessible on the site and you meet whatever modification requirements they may have established for visibility, you will only be able to locate it.

Now, assuming you’re fortunate and all of these requirements have already been satisfied in your situation, there is still the matter of how to get there. We can support you there!

Continue reading the step-by-step instructions we’ve included below to learn how to do it. Although the approach for the online browser version is mostly the same, they were vetted using LinkedIn’s mobile app.

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