How to Find Someone on LinkedIn by Email Address

All of us have a hidden detective spirit waiting to emerge and follow the blood trail when it comes to finding people on social media. But it’s not as simple as some might believe. Some platforms are simpler to use than others, and it matters a lot whether or not this person wants to be found. A platform’s privacy options can make all the difference.

Have you ever wanted to connect with someone on LinkedIn but all you have is their email address? Allow us to demonstrate a number of shortcuts that can get you to where you need to go: their LinkedIn profile.

How to Find Someone on LinkedIn by Email Address

Let’s get to the point at hand, which is finding a specific LinkedIn member by their email address, now that we’ve established that every user on LinkedIn is required to have an email address that the site utilizes to create their account. Read on to learn all of our insider knowledge and advice!

Will using LinkedIn s search bar work?

Anyone who has ever used LinkedIn is familiar with its search function. This bar, which is always at the top whether you’re using a web browser or a mobile app, is the key to searching for anyone on the platform.

Since you already know this person’s email address, we’re going to assume that you also know their name and have probably already done some research on LinkedIn. Were the outcomes unsatisfactory? It’s possible that’s what got you here.

This brings us to our query: Can you find this person’s profile on LinkedIn by using their email address as a search parameter? Unfortunately, that is not how LinkedIn search functions.

All search features have a specific algorithm at their core, which enables users to use them effectively. Additionally, since first name + last name searches are the most common among users, LinkedIn search can only be performed in that format.

Therefore, it wouldn’t display any accurate or even pertinent results when you enter an email address here. In other words, you can’t use the LinkedIn search box for it.

What about LinkedIn Sales Navigator? Can it help?

LinkedIn introduced the LinkedIn Sales Navigator as a unique informational tool on its site in 2014.This tool was created to assist sales teams in finding their way into the hearts of potential consumers and so facilitating a more effective sales pitch.

Can you explain why the product, despite being a paid tool from the start, attracted so much attention in the business world? owing to its effectiveness.

If you’re wondering whether this product can assist you, we’re sorry to disappoint you; Sales Navigator’s function is actually precisely the opposite of what you’d anticipate. Although it can extract the emails of every user on your network, it cannot use an email address to direct you to the correct user. Simply said, that is outside of its purview.

A web browser workaround trick that can help

Right, we just learned how ineffective the Sales Navigator is in this situation. You may now discover anyone on LinkedIn by email address thanks to a free and open-source alternative we’ve provided in this section. The only drawback is that not all users are complimentary about it.

Some claim that despite correctly entering their email address, they were unable to find any results. And while there’s a risk it may happen to you too, it also has a probability of succeeding. And what damage would it do to try?

Here’s how this ruse operates:

Open your web browser and type the following into the address bar at the top:

Enter this person’s email address after the final slash, then press Enter. Hopefully, you will arrive at their LinkedIn profile next.

We’re happy if this approach worked for you; if not, don’t give up just yet. You may expect more from us.

Are they connected with you on a different social media platform?

We were hoping the last method would work, but since it didn’t, you may want to go outside of LinkedIn. Yes, we do realize that you must locate them on LinkedIn, but that does not necessarily mean that LinkedIn is your only option.

As you can see, the majority of internet users today are active users of several social media sites. And when that occurs, there’s a good probability they’ve linked to their LinkedIn profile on a different website.

If YouTube influencers on Instagram can include links to their channel in their bio, so can those who use LinkedIn and want to be found there.

Therefore, you can always see if there is information about LinkedIn there as well if you are connected to this person on another social media platform or are successful in finding their profile there.

obtained a lead? Congratulations! Didn t? There is only one remaining option, but it will definitely work. Let’s have a look at it below!

Send them an email asking about it

We recognize that even using all of our tactics, you are still having trouble locating this individual on LinkedIn, but we finally have a solution. Why not utilize this person’s email address to contact them directly since you already have it?

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