How to Delete Payment History in Google Play (Delete Google Play Purchase History)

Google Play Store is a standard feature on every Android-based smartphone in the world. You can delete your budget and history there. It enables secure access to and download of apps for the user. However, Google Play Store has developed a number of features for its users throughout time. Users can now utilize voice commands to place orders utilizing the Assistant function.

The Google Play Store has evolved into a one-stop shop for downloading and watching the newest movies, reading eBooks, signing up for recurring deals, etc. Through Google Assistant, Google Maps, and other Google services, you can even make tangible purchases. Only the ability to download useful and effective apps for your smartphone is offered by Google Play Store.

You must be persuaded to use its wealth of multimedia now that it has a variety of paid material available, such as premium applications, paid video games, eBooks, audiobooks, and even movies.

Naturally, there’s a chance you bought something because you thought it was interesting at the time, but you no longer want to pay for it. You could also wish to avoid the possibility of someone finding out that you have been frivolously squandering your money. You might also wish to follow up on an order you placed.

You can use this strategy even if you want to track your order with Google Assistant, Maps, Search, etc. In these situations, you might be seeking for a means to delete any purchases or subscriptions you may have made through the Google Play Store, Google Assistant, Maps, etc. You’ve come to the proper location if that’s the case.

You will learn how to delete the history of any or all of your Google Play Store purchases in this blog. Without further ado, let’s get started on this.

Can You Delete Google Play Purchase History?

With the right information and skill set, nothing is insurmountable in this world. Yes, it is possible to view and remove your Google Play purchase history. Additionally, the process is really convenient.

You were probably looking in the incorrect area if you haven’t been able to do it up until now. The solution is really not found in the Play Store settings, where you may access and wipe your Google Play Store purchase history.

How to Delete Google Play Purchase History

Follow the provided set of easy steps to access your Google Play Store purchase history and make changes to it:

Open the device settings on your Android handset after unlocking it.

Step 2: In the Device Settings, search for the Google tab.It is currently a requirement for all new Android devices. It is typically near the bottom of the settings list for the device.

3. Tap Google.On the profile picture, click Manage Google Settings. Your Google Profile Picture, Username, and a number of other Google services that are available on your smartphone will all be displayed on the screen of your device.

Step 4: To the right of your screen, scroll the settings bar. Payouts & Subscriptions can be tapped.

Choose purchases from the list that appears in Step 5. Selecting your Google Purchases done using Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Search, etc. is possible here.

Step 6: Tap Remove Purchase and adhere to the on-screen directions.

Step 7: After you complete step 4, tap Subscriptions to erase any subscriptions or purchases you have made through the Play Store. You can now remove the Play Store’s history of your subscriptions and purchases.

You now have it. These easy procedures will allow you to access and modify your Google Play Store purchase history. You can not only cancel an account but also reorder recent purchases or keep track of your orders.

Find out what other Google history you may access on your Android smartphone by reading on.

How to Access Google Ad Personalization History

Google records every action you do when using the internet. It makes use of that data to deliver tailored advertisements based on your preferences and interests.

Google targets you for particular advertising based on your search history, purchase history (which you recently learnt to erase), and other factors. There is a technique to acquire access to the Google target list and find out why certain online advertisements are being targeted at you. To access your list of customised ad preferences, just follow the instructions below:

Unlock your Android device as the first step. Go to in any web browser.

Step 2: On the new screen, click “Sign In” and enter your Google credentials to log in.

Step 3: You have arrived. To see everything you have expressed interest in while browsing websites, YouTube, and other online content, scroll down.

Google gives you the choice to disable the customization of advertisements. You will see a toggle button on the page that appears once you complete step 2.

Click on “Learn how to control ads you see above your liking list” to find out more about how to manage ads based on your past purchases, search history, etc.

How to Manage Things Other than Purchases on Google Play Store

Using Google’s services, you can book reservations in the same way that you can make purchases. You can manage reservations in the same way that you manage your purchase or subscription history, including tracking and removing it.

To view your current and previous reservations for travel, lodging, and events made through Google Services, follow these steps:

Step 1: Follow Steps 1 through 3 as outlined above to view your purchase history.

Step 2: Scroll all the way to the bottom of the Payments & Subscriptions list. Click Reservations.

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