How To Connect Nintendo Switch To TV

It’s not difficult to understand why the Nintendo Switch has grown to be among the most well-liked and quickly-selling game consoles of all time since its release.

The system is best recognised for being able to be played either docked as a console or as a portable, similar to Nintendo devices in previous years, along with some amazing games like Mario Odyssey and the endlessly expansive Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

It is not always clear how to actually set up the Switch on the Screen and play it docked, but when you buy a Switch, it will come with quite a few compartments so you can play it however you wish.

Obviously, it can be simple to simply slide the joysticks onto the device and play in handheld mode, but once you’ve set up your docking station, you’ll be able to freely swap between portable and console to fully utilise the possibilities of the system.

We have outlined below exactly how to connect your Switch to the TV for when you want to game on the big screen so you can be ready for this as quickly as possible and start playing your favourite Nintendo games on a TV.


How To Connect Nintendo Switch To TV

The Nintendo Switch’s accessories must be close at hand because you will need to utilise them all to connect the Switch to a TV.



Get The Dock

You will dock your Switch into the medium-sized black case that is included with the Switch in order to connect it to a TV. For the time being, look behind the dock and swing it open.



AC Adapter

The Switch’s back has three insert possibilities, which are seen next. Start by inserting the AC adapter that was included with the Switch into the port at the top before connecting it into a socket.



HDMI Cables

As with the AC adapter, you should now insert an HDMI cable into its slot. Connect one end to the dock and the other to an HDMI connector on your preferred TV.



Close Back

You can go ahead and flick the back up so it is closed once these two are hooked in.



Turn Switch On

You are almost prepared to begin playing on your TV at this point. Turn on your Switch in handheld mode by pressing and holding the power button in the upper left corner for a brief period of time.

The front screen will illuminate when it is turned on.



Insert Into Dock

The Switch should now be powered on and inserted into the dock with the front facing the smooth side rather than the openable side.

To avoid scratching the screen, be sure to do this slowly and gently as well.

When you’re finished, your Switch screen ought to appear on your TV so you can resume playing on the larger screen.


The Switch gives you, the player, the choice of playing handheld games while lounging on the couch or immersing yourself in the TV screen.

If your Switch does not immediately appear on the screen after docking, double check to be sure it has slid in correctly and is facing the right direction.

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