How To Clean An iPhone Speaker

Each of us has experienced circumstances where the audio quality of our iPhone speaker has declined. Your speaker may be making rattling noises, one side may not be as loud, or it may simply sound faded and submerged.

If your speakers still appear to be producing some sound, this suggests that your speakers are clogged with dirt. If your iPhone is absolutely silent, you might want to think about the possibility that your speaker is broken rather than just dirty.

Here are a few techniques for cleaning various degrees of grime from your iPhone speaker. But, keep in mind that if your phone is still covered under warranty and you are having problems, contact Apple for a possible repair.


Use Canned Air

We’ve all tried blowing on minor electrical parts, like the speaker on an iPhone, to clear them out. No matter how forcefully you blow, your mouth’s shape and lung capacity aren’t really capable of producing enough propellation to move dirt.

With their long, narrow tube, Canned Air can address this issue by producing a precise, potent jet of air to clean up these smaller electrical components.

It is inexpensively available for purchase online.


Turn Your iPhone So That The Speaker Holes Are Facing You


Simply tilt your iPhone so that the speaker holes are facing you and use Canned Air to clean out the speaker.


Place The End Of The Tube Near The Speakers Then Blow Air On It


Test whether air is escaping by connecting the long tube to the air can. Start by placing the end of this tube a good several inches away from the speaker hole. When you begin to blast air out in short bursts, move it closer and closer.


Use A Toothbrush

You might want to think about one of the other, directer stages if the soil isn’t loose enough to be blown out.

Use the bristles from a toothbrush, which you probably already have laying around your house. This may be useful for removing some tougher dirt that Canned Air has been unable to remove.

You will need a toothbrush for this stage, of course, but we don’t suggest using the one you use to brush your teeth.

Moreover, if you have a phone case, think about taking it off so the bristles of your brush can better grip the grime.


Brush The Speakers


Just clean the speaker holes in the same manner as you would brush your teeth, which is considerably simpler with a new toothbrush’s firmer bristles.


Use A Toothpick

Try not to push too hard, but if the dirt won’t come out at first, push a little more. You don’t want to further harm your speakers.

A toothpick can be one of the more efficient ways to clean your speaker, but you must be careful not to harm the electrical parts within. Use something equally pointed and sharp to get the same result.


Dislodge The Dirt


Try to remove the dirt with the toothpick’s sharp edge by inserting it at an angle so that it falls out naturally with gravity.

Final Thoughts

Instead of using excessive force that could harm the speaker’s internal components, try to remove the dirt using this technique.

It’s worth a shot because there are several common products that can clean your iPhone speaker without costing as much as replacing the speaker itself.

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