How to Check Someone’s Last Seen on Skype

Since more than 20 years ago, Skype has held the distinction of being the best video calling platform. Before people began gushing over Zoom, Skype was the de facto app that people used. When conducting an interview via video conference or hosting an online meeting, professionals have long used Skype. We all once had the app downloaded and routinely used it on our phones or PCs.

The app, which has over 300 million monthly users, was created by Microsoft. According to reports from 2022, the platform is still frequently used by more than 40 million people. For any ordinary user, the app’s functions are easy to utilize.

Despite the enormous numbers, users are still signing up for the app for various reasons. They naturally become intrigued about some subjects and look for solutions.

Please continue reading to get the answer to the question we have come here to address. Do you know how to find out when someone last used Skype? In order to clear up any confusion, let us go over the subject in more detail below.

How to Check Someone s Last Seen on Skype

Users of Skype can utilize some simple-colored bubbles to see whether other contacts are active or not. Typically, you will see a white bubble with a green outline, as well as green, red, white, orange/yellow, and other colors.

The person is online, as seen by the green bubble. As a result, they are open for conversation. Therefore, if you click on that bubble in their profile icon, you will see an Active now message.

A similar orange or yellow bubble indicates that a user has been inactive on the platform for a while. The individual may have last used Skype days ago!

The next indicator indicating a Skype user has been active recently is a white bubble with a green edge. They might have been working moments ago!

The white bubble often signifies that the user is inactive or hidden within the software. If the matter is urgent, you can send them a message, but they will only see it when they are online.

Last but not least, the red bubble indicates “Do not disturb.” Therefore, these variously colored bubbles act as a straightforward indicator of a user’s level of activity on Skype. But we also want to check who was last spotted on this platform, right?

Let’s look at the instructions in the section we’ve created below.

Checking someone s last seen on Skype: A step-by-step instruction

When preparing for an interview, have you ever experienced the interviewer not showing up? If they are offline or were at least recently active on the site, it can be possible to tell from their last seen!

We are here to offer some assistance because we are aware that such thoughts do indeed cross our brains. We are unable to assist you with your interview nerves, but we can show you their Skype last saw status without a doubt! You would be really pleased to learn that it is simple to determine someone’s last Skype location.

What then are you still holding out for? The steps are listed below for your convenience. Therefore, grab your tools and follow along.

Steps to check someone s last seen on Skype:

Open the official Skype app on your smartphone in Step 1.

Step 2: Your contacts will appear on the chat interface. In order to check a user’s last seen, scroll down and tap on their name.

As an alternative, you can search for the target person’s name using the built-in search box at the top of the chat screen. To find the desired person, choose the Contacts option at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Can you see their name above the chat window next to their profile photo? To move forward, please tap on their name.

Step 4: After that, you’ll be taken to their Skype profile.Under their Skype display name, you will see a Last seen (time) ago indication.

Please be aware that sometimes the Last seen will be replaced by an Active now statement. It indicates that the person is available and that you can message them.

How can you change your active status to Do Not Disturb on Skype?

It’s simple to switch from active to do not disturb. Those who don’t want others to bother them with their continual SMS usually agree to this bubble.

When you choose this status for Skype, a window displays on the screen. The complete message says:

Disturb not is activated.

The setting for your presence is do not disturb. No alerts will be sent to you when new messages arrive.

If you’re curious about the steps, kindly follow us as we go through them below.

Steps to change your active status to do not disturb on Skype:

The first step is to find and open the Skype app on your device.

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