How To Change Your Age On Discord

Setting your age is a key component of your Discord experience and will have a significant impact on the content you can access, the servers you can join, and the chat partners you can interact with.

If you mistakenly entered the wrong age when signing up, there are a number of procedures you will need to do because Discord takes its age verification policy extremely seriously.

The good news is that this mistake can be fixed, but you will have to go through a number of hoops to convince Discord that you are the person who claims to be that age.

We have put up the most comprehensive guide about changing your age on Discord as a service.

Why Is It Hard To Change Your Age On Discord?

Since Discord is a comprehensive platform with a wide variety of content, some servers on Discord may contain information and content that is inappropriate for kids.

Because of this, many servers have severe over-18 age restrictions, which helps to guarantee that age-appropriate content is kept to a designated space.

Discord takes user security and safety very seriously, in large part as a result of reports of numerous instances of inappropriate content being published on both their site and other social media platforms.

Although there is no age check when you join up, updating your information after you are in, for example, to access stuff that would be deemed NSFW, is far more difficult and requires personal intervention.


How To Change Your Age

The actions below must be followed in order to modify your age:



Submit A Request To Discord

The first step in the procedure is to get in touch with Discord and ask them to update your account’s age; this is the only way to modify your birthdate on Discord.

The initial step should be to get in touch with the support team to submit your request; you can find their information on the website and the app.



Make a Request

Your browser’s top should see Submit A Request. To view your request page, click here.

To access the drop-down menu, click the How Can We Help You textbox. In order to make sure that your request is delivered to the appropriate division, click Appeals, Age Updates, and Other Inquiries.



Complete the Form

The support team will then require you to give them a lot of facts, including your whole Discord tag so they can recognise you and all of the relevant account information.

Choose the Age Update option, then briefly describe your problem and what you need assistance with—in this case, changing your age—in the box that appears.



Provide a copy of your photo ID

The following step requires you to upload a piece of approved picture identification; this will allow Discord to confirm that you are not lying about your age. As evidence of age, Discord will accept a photo ID such a driver’s licence, passport, or birth certificate.

Before sending your request to have your age changed, you must snap a picture of yourself holding an example of your ID, select Add file to your request, and then upload the picture.

To ensure the safety of everyone using the platform, Discord requires authentic verification via photo ID that you are the age you claim to be. Keep in mind that without this proof, Discord will not modify the age on your account.

You won’t be allowed to ask for an age change on Discord if you’re unable or unwilling to provide a photo ID.

Final Thoughts

It could appear overly complicated to change your Discord age using the following procedure, but it’s vital to keep in mind that all reasonable efforts have been made to make the process as simple as possible.

According to our experience, this is a simple procedure that shouldn’t present you with any major problems as long as you can prove your age with the appropriate paperwork and a photo ID.

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