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The MAC-10 was always powerful, and up to 19 metres away, it may even be the strongest weapon in use today. She is unquestionably one of the easiest to play. What are you still waiting for? The finest setup and loadout for the MAC-10 may be found here!

Warzone Loadout f r die Mac-10. | EarlyGame

The MAC-10 was completely broken upon entry into the conflict zone, but has since been repaired. She is still one of the most manageable weapons to use, with an incredibly high fire rate and a very responsive recoil. This makes them the ideal choice for players with poor aim or those who prefer close-quarters combat and need equipment that functions and shreds with little effort.

Das beste MAC-10 Setup

Die MAC-10 ist einfach immer noch verdammt gut. | Activision
M ndung Agency-M ndungsfeuerd mpfer
Lauf 5,9″ Sonderkommando
Laser Tiger Team Scheinwerfer
Schaft Pl nderer-Schaft
Magazin Schnelles Salven-53-Schuss-Magazin

Many Cold War weapons could never be changed, but with the Mac-10, there is still another build that may be tested. You can switch the Mndungsfeuerdmpfer for the Bruiser Grip if you focus more on mobility. Aside from that, the other responsibilities are just standards for all Cold War MPs. We want more ammunition, more range, and greater mobility from our MPs, and these upgrades provide just that. You won’t be able to defeat a Marco 5 with this, but a BOCW weapon can still use it.

Equipment & Extras f r ein MAC-10 Warzone Loadout

Die beste Zweitwaffe f r die MAC-10

F r alle Spieler, die auf Waffen mit 0 R cksto stehen. | Activision

We must discover an alternative primary weapon because the MAC-10 is solely a close-quarters combat weapon. We have made up our minds to support the KG M40. After the STG and NZ41 Nerfs, the KG M40 has developed into one of the greatest Sturmgewehre. This weapon has a Krig 6 vibe, and just like the Krig 6, the KG has zero knockback. She does not cause as much damage as some of the other Sturmgewehre, but she is still very easy to control. It makes sense that we would fall from 0 Rocksto Meta to 0 Rocksto Meta onto Caldera.

Das beste Equipment f r die MAC-10

Prim r Wurfmesser
Taktik Schnappschussgranate

In terms of equipment, we also pay close attention to how we employ the MAC-10’s trigger when pushing. The Thing Rises Particularly on Very Short Distances, Giving Us the Great Advantage of Schnappschuss Grenades. With the Wurfmessers, we quickly eliminate defeated foes before they have a chance to resurrect.

Die besten Extras f r die MAC-10

Extra 1 Kaltbl tig
Extra 2 Overkill

Extra 3

Kampfsp her

We settle on the Super-Kombo made of Kaltblut and Kampfspher today once more. The latter paints our opponents red even through decking, while the earlier restrains the opponent’s fighting advantage. We still require overkill in order to be able to carry both weapons.

That was already the full MAC-10 Loadout Guide. Try it out and you’ll dominate the competition. If you want to be more versatile, you should give the Wellgun a look.

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