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Unlike BOCW’s PPSh from the previous year, Vanguard’s PPSh has started strong. Here is the most up to date meta attachment arrangement for the finest Vanguard SMG for Warzone!

PPSh-41 laodout. | EarlyGame

Aydan deserves credit for first exposing us to the PPSh’s extreme depravity. Recently, he utilised it to complete the first Caldera kill in solo squads, setting a global record. Since nearly none of you have that level of gun skills, we’ve made a modest tweak to his loadout to suit a wider variety of skill levels. A little more recoil control will go a long way.

Note: If you wish to use the PPSh in conventional multiplayer, then this is the setup tutorial you were searching for. This loadout was created particularly for Warzone.

The Best PPSh-41 Setup

The best PPSh-41 setup. | Activision/EarlyGame
Component Attachment
Muzzle Recoil Booster
Barrel Kovalevskaya 230mm B03P
Optic Slate Reflector
Stock Removed Stock
Underbarrel Carver Foregrip
Magazine 8mm Nambu 71-Rounds Mags
Ammo Type Subsonic
Rear Grip Fabric Grip
Perk 1 Tight Grip
Perk 2


The 71 round magazine is a necessary need, so don’t drop it. As you could have inferred from the attachments, this design is primarily about increasing speed. You will have a fantastic close-range TTK potential with this loadout, but it isn’t designed to be effective beyond 20 metres, therefore you must also carry something long-range and an overkill loadout. We even wouldn’t advise using this as a sniper support because it isn’t adaptable enough. An SMG is this. However, if you’re close to your opponent, you’ll definitely lose with this build. Additionally, keep in mind that this build has a powerful hip-fire, thus you rarely need to ADS.

The Best Secondary, Grenades & Perks for a PPSh-41 Loadout

The Best Secondary Weapon for the PPSh-41

The best Long-Range-AR. | Activision

The KG M40 is still one of the greatest long-range assault rifles on Caldera with the aforementioned setup, which we break down in more depth here. It’s not as broken as the STG44 or the NZ from back then, but it’s still very effective over medium to long distances. It is an excellent sniper hunting rifle because of the nearly nonexistent recoil. Of course, you can also ride in your trusty Grau 5.56.

The Best Equipment for the PPSh-41

Lethal Throwing Knife
Tactical Snapshot Grenade

The Throwing Knives will be excellent for finishing downs if we’re pressing into CQC. At the moment, snapshot grenades are completely overpowered and label enemies in a wide area, even through barriers.

The Best Perks for the PPSh-41

Perk 1 Double Time
Perk 2 Overkill

Perk 3


Remember how we claimed the PPSh was quick? Yes, let’s take double time to get things forward even more quickly. This build is all about out-rotating your opponents and moving quickly. Because the PPSh cannot handle mid-range or longer, overkill must also be included. We have chosen Tracker to assist in such challenging CQC circumstances.

There you have it, fellow inhabitants of Caldera, the current meta attachment configuration for the PPSh-41. We also suggest this loadout if you want to try this out but want something a little simpler.

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