Fix “That code didn’t work. Try again. If the code is for a specific app, redeem it in that app” on Google Play

Do you have any memories of your childhood, when you eagerly anticipated holidays like Christmas and Easter? Yes, you continue to celebrate the festivals today, and we wish you much happiness and excitement as you do so. But back then, the thrill came from something else. And among other things, the festival excitement included a very unique expectation of receiving gifts and gift cards.

Well, since then, things have changed. Recently, virtual gift cards have become the norm as our reliance on digital solutions grows. One brand is particularly well-known when it comes to virtual gift cards: Google Play. The numerous uses for which Google Play gift certificates can be put make them very popular.

The purchase of games, applications, and movies is made simple using Google Play gift cards. For many apps and games, they can also assist you in making in-app purchases. In conclusion, Google Play gift cards are quite practical. Because of this, it gets annoying to be unable to use a gift card code.

If the error message “That code didn’t work,” applies to you. Try once more. When trying to redeem a gift card code on Google Play, if the code is for a specific app, redeem it in that app. If not, contact us for assistance. We’ll explain what this problem implies and try to help you fix it in this blog. So be sure to stay with us all the way to the conclusion.

How to Fix That code didn t work. Try again. If the code is for a specific app redeem it in that app on Google Play

Now that we know why you might be seeing the perplexing error message, let’s look at some potential fixes that could assist you in eliminating the error and using your gift code. We’ll examine several situations that could result in this issue and offer remedies.

So let’s get to the good stuff without further ado.

1. Are you sure the code is correct?

If you are certain that the code you are trying to redeem is legitimate and a Google Play code, you may choose to skip this part. You should keep reading if you’re unsure.

We understand that it doesn’t need to be said again, but the first thing you should do is confirm that the code is accurate. Despite your best efforts, mistakes can still occur, especially if you manually enter the code. This error can appear with just a single extra letter here or a single letter skipped there.

Additionally, you must make sure the code is tailored specifically for Google Play. You shouldn’t input any codes in Google Play if you have a code for an app that you have already downloaded from the store. If the code is for a certain app, redeem it in that app, the error notice advises.

Here are your options. Always attempt to copy the code and paste it exactly as is into the Google Play app. By doing so, you can avoid making any typing errors that might occur when manually entering the code. Verify that the code is intended only for Google Play and not for any other apps.

2. Watch out for spaces and dashes

Spaces are so prevalent that we frequently overlook them. We are used to occasionally pressing the spacebar. But when trying to use a Google Play gift card, you must refrain from doing this.

Spaces and dashes cannot be used to redeem a Google Play gift card. Make sure there aren’t any dashes or spaces anywhere in the code. You may encounter this annoyance-inducing error notice when trying to redeem a code if it contains any spaces, dashes, or other unusual characters.

A single empty spot could seem typical, making it easy to overlook. However, it suffices to stop Google Play from identifying the code. So, if you see this error message, keep your eyes open and pay attention to any spaces. In other words, all you need to do is make sure the code box contains simply the code itself.

3. Is the code activated yet?

A code might be valid and intended for Google Play. Make sure there are no dashes or spaces anywhere else. However, you might still be unable to see this error and find redemption. Now, what can you do?

If you try the aforementioned techniques yet the problem message persists, you might need to determine if the code has been enabled.

While the majority of codes are activated instantly, on rare occasions, the code may not be activated for four to twenty-four hours. Therefore, you might have to wait a while before attempting the code once more.

But waiting can be extremely annoying, especially if the technical issue wasn’t your fault. Be at ease. You still have time to take action in order to quickly launch your code.

You can speak with the shop directly if you bought a real gift card from them and explain the situation. They can activate your card if the issue is on their end.

Similar to this, you can submit a support request to the relevant platform if you bought a gift card code from an online merchant like Amazon, Paytm, or PhonePe. The customer service department can then activate the code or provide a refund.

4. Contact Google Support

It only recommends to one course of action—contacting the Google Support Team—if all other approaches are unsuccessful. This is the last option you have to fix the problem and use your code.

If none of the other options work to redeem your card, your best and last resort is Google Support Center. The Support Center can look into your situation and give you the right answer as well as insightful information about the root of the issue.

To get in touch with Google Support and open a support ticket, follow these steps:

Step 1: From your PC or phone, launch the Chrome browser and sign in using your Google Account.

Go to and log in to your account if you are not already logged in. Your Google Profile icon will appear in the top-right corner of the tab once you have successfully logged in.

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