F4SE – Fallout 4 Script Extender

The F4SE mod, sometimes known as the Fallow 4 Script Extender, is a mod that will increase Fallout 4’s scripting capabilities.

There won’t be any ever-lasting adverse effects because it can accomplish this without changing any of the executable files on the game’s disc. Discover more about this mod by reading on.

F4SE Requirements

The base game is all that is required for the F4SE mod to function; it has no known dependencies on other mods.

Mod Name Additional Notes
Additional Attributes (Alpha) This is mandatory.
Brews Has to be installed for compatibility with DLC and other mods.
Project Mojave Chinese version
Companion Inventory Weight This mod is built with F4SE version 0.6.20
Fallout 4 Data Structures (Alpha version) Mandatory
Hangman s Alley Blueprint by Aurelianis Necessary for any transfer Settlements/Blueprints for shareable settlements
High Heeled Jumpsuits in the Commonwealth Definitive version Only needed if you are using an MCM
Ivy Looks Menu Preset Only needed if you require high heels
Just Another Castle Blueprint Necessary for any transfer Settlements/Blueprints for shareable settlements
Know Your Friend Hard requirement
Lorena Face Preset Obligatory Mod
Minutemen (Radiant) Squads Required mod.
No Radio Station notifications Necessary for the MCM version.
Player Scale Compatibility Requirement for this mod to function generally.
Power Armour to the People (Power Armored Enemies Legendary Power Armour) Optional, but it is a required mod for some features.
Rideable Bot Rebuilt Compatible version of the F4SE needed to run.
Standalone Damage Modifier for Weapons Soft Requirement
Third Person First Person Aiming Version 0.6.16+
Vault 13 Canteen Required (0.3.1+)

F4SE Fallout 4 Script Extender:Installation

However, several Fallout 4 mods necessitate the F4SE in order to function:

The F4SE mod installation process requires that you:



Get The F4SE Mod now

Get the F4SE 0.6.21 mod (from Fallout 4 build).


Extract All The Files


Add the extracted files from the f4se 0 06 21 folder to your game folder (i.e., where Fallout4.exe is located).


Start The Game


Use the f4se loader.exe to launch the game.


Confirm That The Mod Is Working


Once everything is working properly, verify that the mod is functioning by opening the console with the tilde key and typing the command getf4seversion. This should display the version number of the most recent F4SE build.

How To Uninstall The Mod

After completing this installation process for the F4SE mod, Fallout 4 will automatically launch with the mod’s enhanced capabilities. F4SE can be used to launch the game directly from the f4se loader.exe file.

Following these instructions will allow you to subsequently uninstall the F4SE mod:


Delete The Directory


Within the f4se-0 06 21datamodsfolder, remove the f4se mod directory.


Restart The Game


The f4se loaders.ini file, which is located in the f4sedatamodsfolder and provides details on the most recent F4SE mod, may also be deleted.

How Does The F4SE Work?

The.ini file can be completely deleted or renamed to something like old f4se loaders before being completely removed.

An.ini files are created in the datamods folder by the F4SE. The game checks to see if this file already exists and loads its contents when it does. If the file is missing, the game looks in the main game folder for the.ini file and uses that instead.

This implies that when the F4SE mod is initially installed, the.ini file only needs to be changed once. Following that, it will function each time the game is started.

Because it may be used to increase the capabilities of the game without changing any of the original executable files, the F4SE mod is referred to as a respite mod.

Final Thoughts

It’s necessary to understand how Fallout 4 scripts operate in order to use the F4SE mod. We advise reading the F4SE mod’s own instructions before getting started.

Even though the F4SE mod adds a lot of new features to the game, vanilla Fallout 4 may still be played without ever installing the F4SE mod.

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