How To Drop Pin on Google Maps In 2023?

Google Maps’ accessibility has made it mandatory for all commuters (and has been amusingly name-checked in pop culture).

Just putting an address into the search field will usually yield the desired results, but there may be situations in which this is not the case.

If the location you’re looking for doesn’t have an address or if the address you know is wrong, placing a marker on a map can help you get there. Similarly, if you don’t know the exact location, it can be sufficient to just put a pin in the general vicinity.

Drop a Pin on Your iPhone or Android Phone

Mark It on Your Smartphone with a Pin

Pinning a location on Google Maps is a breeze on any mobile device.

Step 1: To begin, launch Google Maps.

Step 2: To locate the area on the map where you want to drop the pin and zoom in as far as you feel is necessary to examine it clearly.

Step 3: Tap and hold until the pin appears under your fingertip, then release.

At this time, the pin can be used without fear. As an example, you can click the “Directions” tab to get step-by-step driving instructions from your current location to the location where you positioned the pin.

If you want to save something for later, you may pin it. To name the pin, click the oval “Label” button. And from that point forward, it will always be available in Your Places.

(Remember that the Android and iPhone versions of Google Maps have a few subtle but critical changes in terms of functionality. Both apps allow you to save and the label dropped pins, but Android users will need to tap the information box at the bottom of the screen to access the Label option.

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Drop a Pin on Your Desktop

drop pin
  1. Open Google Maps in your web browser.
  2. using the map’s zoom and pan features, get the map to the location where you wish to drop the pin.
  3. Click the map where you want to drop the pin. Ideally, the bottom of the screen would fill with a little grey pin and a box with relevant information.

The time has come to insert the pin. The blue Navigate button in the box’s contextual tooltip will take you to the Google Maps directions page. Input your current location and it will direct you to your last stop.

You may also navigate the info box by clicking on different parts of it to learn more about the selected area. By selecting the Save icon, you may save this location to Your Places for easy access in the future.

It’s important to remember that you can only place one pin at a time on Google Maps before it’s replaced by another. It’s also necessary to be logged into your Google account in order to add a dropped pin to Your Places.

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