Chat Gpt 4, with Ai-Powered Video, Will Be Released by Microsoft Next Week?

Recently, ChatGPT has been all over the place, and a new update from Microsoft could make it a household name once again. That’s because the business may debut GPT-4 as soon as next week, allowing you to make AI-generated videos with just a few text commands.

Microsoft Germany’s CTO, Andreas Braun, announced the announcement during a recent event titled “AI in Focus – Digital Launch” (via Heise). We will launch GPT-4 next week,” Braun said. The models we use will be multimodal, giving us access to a wide range of new options.

Apps like ChatGPT rely on the GPT-4 big language model technology. The upcoming upgrade intends to fix this limitation, as ChatGPT is now limited to text replies exclusively.

When it comes to producing videos with artificial intelligence, ChatGPT won’t be the pioneer. Making realistic videos from simple text instructions, Facebook owner Meta debuted Make-A-Video in 2022. It appears like ChatGPT’s next release could have comparable functionality.

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Chat Gpt 4, with Ai-Powered Video, Will Be Released by Microsoft Next Week?

Microsoft announced GPT-4’s “multimodal” nature at their AI presentation. Microsoft Germany’s Director of Business Strategy Holger Kenn said that this would enable the company’s AI to visualize and perform the user’s written words.

Microsoft provided an example of how GPT-4 may be used by a call center to automatically translate phone conversations between employees and customers into text, saving significant time and effort over manually summarizing talks after they had concluded.

Microsoft has not yet discussed incorporating ChatGPT into its Bing web browser, despite the high demand and lengthy waiting lists. Perhaps the corporation decided it was too sensitive a topic, considering the recent uproar it has caused.

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With the release of GPT-4 rumored for as soon as next week, we may not have to wait long to find out what the newest version of ChatGPT can do and if Microsoft has managed to resolve the issues that have plagued its AI assistant thus far.

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