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If you’re looking for a Sturmgewehr with 0 rounds per second, then the Krig 6 is made just for you.

Schon mal was von R cksto geh rt? Diese Waffe auch nicht. | Activision Blizzard

There is a weapon for every playstyle in Warzone, which has over 180 weapons. This weapon is ideal for individuals who lack the desire to monitor the clock.

If you can recall the Krig Meta, you would know that this weapon had a negative knockback. The Krig left the Warzone once the weapon had been produced a few times and the Vanguard weapons had been integrated. This weapon may not be meta anymore, but it is ideal for a relaxing game session when one just wants to relax.

You can find the ideal loadout as well as the finest settings for the Krig 6 in this guide. You can locate the appropriate secondary weapons, accessories, and training here.

Das Beste Krig 6 Setup

Mit diesen Aufs tzen hat diese Waffe keinen R cksto . | Activision

ndung M

Agency Sschalld mpfer


15″ CMV Mil-Spec


Axial Arms 3x
Unterlauf Feld Agent Griff
Magazin Stanag 60 Rnd

Every effort is made to aid in the control of the race and to make sure that people can be laser-sighted from a distance. The run aids in both the damage radius and the velocity of the shot. The three-fold scope is rather self-sufficient in enabling us to better see our adversaries at a distance. We use the 60 Schuss Magazine to ensure that we have no trouble facing multiple opponents. This weapon is designed for remote combat and is therefore quite ineffective when opponents approach from behind. We are going to use an MP to solve this issue. The MP aids in rescuing stranded campers or in situations involving close combat.

Ausr stung & Extras f r Das Krig 6 Loadout

Die Beste Sekund r Waffe f r Die Krig 6

Eine absolute Nahkampf-Maschine. | Activision Blizzard

The UGR offers very good TTK and lots of mobility in nearby areas. We nonetheless advise giving the magazine a shot even though it could be too little for certain readers. We can recommend the Cold WarMP5 if the magazine gap does indeed represent a significant problem. A 50-shot magazine should allow one to take out a number of opponents. Both weapons aid you in controlling the close-quarters battle and keeping your opponents at a distance.

Die beste Ausr stung f r die Krig 6

Prim r Semtex
Taktisch Stimshot

The Semtex-Granate is simple to use in any circumstance, making it our first choice. When it comes to attacking or defensive plays, the Stimshot offers a tremendous amount of variety. With these two, one cannot possibly go wrong.

Die besten Extras f r die the Krig 6

Perk 1 Kaltbl tig
Perk 2 Overkill
Perk 3 Kampf-Sp her

The ultimate meta for Warzone right now. We use Kaltbl tig so that we may use this perk to our advantage should the opponents use it by pinging them or putting them through walls. We need overkill since we want to carry two primary weapons.

And that was all for Chapter 6. Definitively no Meta Weapon, but if you’re looking for anything with a 0 Roundstop, that’s just what you need. Whoever is looking for a Meta Sturmgewehr can look at our STG guide.

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