Can You See Who Viewed Your Xbox Profile?

Xbox is frequently the first choice for satisfying all needs for anyone who likes games and anything related to gaming. Xbox is not only the top platform for games and gaming, but it is also a hub for passionate players who enjoy spending their free time playing the games they enjoy. Xbox provides the games and resources to meet your needs, whether you enjoy simulation games, sports games, strategy games, role-playing games, or a blend of all these diverse genres.

And it’s even more unique because you can share your experience with millions of other gamers.

However, there are times when you might be curious to know who is viewing your profile and following your activities. And it is logical. In the end, it’s your account, so you should have a right to know who views it.

It’s not as easy as it would seem, though. Additionally, we’ll discuss whether it is even theoretically possible. To understand more about your Xbox profile, continue reading.

Can You See Who Viewed Your Xbox Profile?

The privacy settings on your account can be changed in a variety of ways. You have a lot of control over several aspects, including your privacy settings in general.

The content you see on the Xbox network is within your control. Your in-game success can be shown for others to view in your activity stream. You can control who may view your activity feed as well as who can share or like your feed updates. You can mute or even prevent someone from communicating with you in any way if you don’t want to view their stuff.

Given the availability of all these privacy features, viewing who can view your profile must also be an option, right?

Wrong. Even though Xbox offers all the privacy safeguards listed above, users are unable to see who has visited their profile. You cannot conceal your profile from specific users nor can you see who has viewed it.

It is not unexpected that this option is not available because it is not even offered on popular social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

But let’s not stress over what isn’t accessible. Instead, let’s discuss some helpful privacy settings for Xbox that can be helpful.

How to control who can view your Xbox activity feed

You are unable to see who has viewed your activity or profile. However, it’s simple to limit who can see the activity on your Xbox account.

On Xbox, you can show off your gaming accomplishments to other players. Sharing of screenshots, achievements, and level-ups is completely optional. But whose eyes can see what you share? You have the choice. To limit who can view your Xbox activity feed postings, follow these steps:

Step 1: Press the Xbox button after turning on your console. You’ll see a pop-up on your screen.

Step 2: Choose Profile & system from the list of options under Account and Preferences. Another selection of choices will then be displayed.

Step 3: Select General under Settings.

Step 4: Select Privacy & online safety under Online safety & family on the General Settings screen.

Then, select View details & customise under Xbox privacy. To examine settings for the Xbox game content you share with others, select theGame Content option.

Select the option in Step 6On Xbox, others can view your catches and choose the appropriate audience (e.g., Everyone or simply Friends) for your activity stream.

How to hide posts you don t want to see on your Xbox activity feed?

Not only can you choose who can view your activity stream, but you can also hide postings from other users that you don’t want to see. Xbox gives you the option to hide posts that aren’t relevant to your interests.

And what’s this? On Xbox, hiding posts is simple. It only takes a short while. The steps below can let you hide posts from your activity feed:

Step 1: Locate the post you wish to hide in your activity feed.

Choose more options on the post in step two.

3. Select Hide to make the post invisible.

Similar to hiding posts or shares from a game or club, you may do the same with your feed. The procedure is nearly identical:

Select “More Actions” from the game or club post in your feed, then “Hide all from this game.”

How to mute or block people on Xbox?

On the Xbox network, you could frequently run against players with whom you don’t get along. Most of the time, it’s preferable to completely avoid the people. But occasionally there are some people who become too bothersome and problematic to ignore.

You might choose to mute or block these users in certain situations to prevent further interaction.

When a player is muted, they are unable to message you or leave comments on your posts or live sessions. They can still view your activity and profile. However, blocking them completely disconnects the player from your Xbox profile; they are no longer able to view your actions.

To mute or block someone on the Xbox console, follow these steps:

First, open the guide by pressing the Xbox button.

Step 2: To view and locate a list of other Xbox gamers, choose the People option from the pop-up help that appears.

Step 3: To find the user, look up their gamertag.

Step 4: To access the player’s profile, choose the player from the search results.

Step 5: Click Mute to silence the player on the profile page. You can also choose to report or block the player. The choice might require your confirmation.

How to unmute or unblock a player?

Follow steps 1-4 from above to access the player’s profile in order to unmute or unblock a player who had previously been muted or blocked. Then choose Unmute or Unblock as necessary.

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