Can Someone Find Your Real Number from Google Voice Number?

It is no secret that Google dominates much of the internet space today with its diverse range of services, products, and info products. What started as a casual research project in the hallways of Standford has successfully expanded into a multinational tech giant right in front of our eyes. Having left an extraordinary mark in online advertising, email services, navigation, translation, and other industries, Google ventured into the telecommunications industry back in 2009; but with a twist.

can someone find your real number from google voice number

Instead of opening a regular service-providing company, they designed an innovative Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) service. Herein, you can send and receive messages and calls globally using the internet, directly, without any third-party platform or tool involved.

In this blog, we ll explore the possibility of someone finding your real phone number through your Google Voice number. Stick with us till the end to have some other major Google Voice FAQs answered as well!

Can Someone Find Your Real Number from Google Voice Number?

Because Google Voice is still not available in so many countries, it is natural for the platform to have a comparatively smaller number of users. This translates to lesser information about it available online, which is why we understand why you might be feeling confused. We re here to solve that conundrum for you!

You want to learn whether there s a likelihood of someone finding your real number through your Google Voice number, right? Well, you re lucky, because the answer is NO.

There is no way for people to find your real number through Google Voice;if there were, it d totally beat the very purpose that Google designed and launched this service for.

Let s discuss it more elaborately to further reassure you:

The process of acquiring an alternative phone number from Google Voice first requires you to sign up for the service. You can do this using your verified Gmail address which means you must have an active Gmail account for it.

And since even the process of signing up for this service doesn t require you to enter your real phone number, it keeps the safety of your Google Voice number separate as well as intact.

Can someone use more than one Google Voice number?

Now that we ve gotten your initial query out of the way, there are several other questions Google Voice users have been sending our way that we d like to answer here.

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