Why Does Discord Say I’m Online When I’m Not?

Have you ever been informed by someone that they saw you somewhere when you weren’t? To everyone of us, it occurs. When you run into a friend, they say, “Hey, I saw you at the mall last Sunday,” even if you were actually at home on that day. Such insignificant misconceptions occur frequently in real life. However, they occasionally occur in the virtual realm as well when a platform displays you online when you are not utilizing it.

why does discord say i'm online when i'm not

If you use Discord, you’ve probably run into the problem where you appear to be online or active even when you haven’t accessed the program in a while. Even while this is not a major problem, it can nonetheless be very frustrating and lead to misunderstandings among your pals.

Let’s attempt to comprehend this issue and determine how to permanently resolve it. Continue reading to get more information on this problem and its remedies.

Why Does Discord Say I m Online When I m Not?

Well, we all make mistakes during our lives. This statement holds true not only for errors committed by ourselves but also for errors made by programs and machines.

Therefore, if Discord is acting differently than you would like and displaying false online statuses, one of you has probably made a mistake. Yes, it may be the result of anything you did or a Discord-related bug or technical issue.

Here are a few possible causes for Discord to display you as online even when you’re not.

Reason 1: Discord is running in the background

The majority of social networking applications can function even when they are not in the foreground. As a result, if you haven’t properly closed an app like Discord, it may continue to operate in the background.

Now, if you are like the majority of people, you could have a habit of immediately clicking the Home button to exit an app. This removes the program from your screen, but it continues to operate in the background.

When you’re not using Discord, background activity may cause the app to display erroneous online statuses.

Fix: Close Discord in the background

If you wish to prevent those false online statuses, it’s crucial to properly close the Discord application. By deleting the program from the background, you can end the application.

Tap on the Recent Tabs button in the bottom panel of your screen to see all the background programs, then select Discord to make it disappear. Depending on your phone, swipe up or sideways to uninstall the Discord app.

Reason 2: Discord is open on another device

You can be using Discord on numerous devices, which is another reason why it might display false online statuses.

To prevent inconsistencies when using the Discord app on both your phone and computer, you must be offline on Discord on both platforms. For obvious reasons, your friends might see you online if you don’t have the Discord app open on your phone but have the Discord tab open on your desktop browser.

Fix: Close Discord on all devices

If you wish to seem offline to other users, make sure you log out of Discord on all of your devices if you have two or more active accounts.

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