What is Windows 11 S Mode? How to Use Windows 11 S Mode in 2023?

Although Windows Home and Pro are more well-known, Windows 11 S Mode is also available.

This is a built-in mode that alters the way your version of Windows operates, unlike in other Windows editions. This tutorial will help you weigh the benefits and drawbacks of switching to S Mode.

What Is Windows 11 S Mode?

Consider S Mode as a form of protection. It’s Windows in its most secure, restricted form, built with your safety in mind. It’s very much like a Chromebook in many respects.

The Microsoft Store is your only choice for downloading apps. In addition, applications that use a lot of system resources are put on ice to protect your computer.

There are numerous benefits to using Windows in S Mode. You may expect maximum efficiency and strengthened safety. Of course, for a lot of people, that’s just too limiting to be useful.

You’ll need to be running Windows 10 or Windows 11 or on a Windows, Surface to use Windows S Mode. S Mode is included in all editions of Windows 10, including the Home, Pro, Enterprise, and Education versions.

Windows 11 Home is the only edition that includes this feature. If you are upgrading from Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, or Education to Windows 11, you will need to exit S Mode.

Windows S Mode Pros

You should reconsider your stance on this mode because there are several advantages to continuing to use your computer in this fashion. Among these are:

1. Extremely Fast and Responsive

S Mode does a remarkable job of keeping programs from wasting resources, even on Computers with low-end hardware, so startup and reaction times are significantly faster. You can compare it to the performance of an SSD on a regular HDD.

    2. Reduced Malware Risks

    A downloaded app or file may contain malicious software. The risk of unintentionally installing malware is reduced, however, when you are restricted to apps from the Microsoft Store. No outside apps are permitted.

    3. Enjoy Windows Chromebook-Style

    Chromebooks, love them or hate them, are generally quick, safe, and simple to use. Yet, if you’re a lifelong Windows user, upgrading to a Chromebook might not make you happy. You may have the best of both worlds with S Mode.

      4. Ideal to Restrict User Access

      What is Windows 11 S Mode? How to Use Windows 11 S Mode in 2023?

      S Mode is helpful if you have kids or guests using your computer and don’t want them making any unauthorized changes. Customers are restricted in what they can install due to the exclusivity of Microsoft Store apps.

      Parental controls can be set up for more protection of children online, but parents should be aware that children are becoming adept at evading such measures. You can implement parental controls in apps like Google Chrome even while not in S Mode.

        5. Ideal for Cheaper PCs

        Windows S Mode allows you to save money by using fewer system resources. If you only plan on using the computer to surf the web and maybe use a few productivity programs, this is a great option. Check the Microsoft Store to see if the required programs are offered there.

          Cons of Windows S Mode

          You probably already know that S Mode isn’t perfect. The question of how to disable “s mode” appears in many of the search results for that term. Despite its many benefits, it does have some significant drawbacks:

          1. The Microsoft Store Is Limited

          When compared to the App Store and Google Play, the Microsoft Store has some key differences. There is hardly much to choose from. Many customers won’t be able to get their hands on the programs they require. In the case of remote work, for instance, your company may insist that you use specialized software that can only be obtained from a specific third party.

            2. Forget About Advanced Customization

            You can personalize your desktop by changing the background image and the typefaces, but you won’t be able to make any significant changes by using the registry or the command line tools (such as the Command Prompt, PowerShell, or Terminal).

            This is intended to prevent malicious or accidental changes to Windows from negatively affecting the system. It’s really bad that advanced users who want to tweak the system by editing the registry can’t do so.

              3. Some Hardware May Not Work

              What is Windows 11 S Mode? How to Use Windows 11 S Mode in 2023?

              Windows 11 S Mode is incompatible with hardware that needs third-party drivers. There are drivers available for most hardware in Windows. Ensure sure everything is compatible with Windows S Mode before making the switch. Microsoft claims that the limitations that apply to Windows 10 also apply to Windows 11.

                4. Limited to Edge Browser

                Although being a significant upgrade over Internet Explorer, not everyone is a fan of Microsoft’s new Edge browser. This is especially true in the wake of ill-received updates like the AI-driven sidebar. People are already attempting to find a solution to the problem.

                  Activating Windows S Mode

                  Those who have upgraded to Windows 11 Home Edition won’t have the option to turn on S Mode without making some changes. Even the Pro and Enterprise versions lack access to S Mode.

                  When you set up or activate Windows 11 Home Edition, you can choose to use Windows S Mode. Once you turn it off, you won’t be able to use it again. Turning off S Mode has the same effect. You will be unable to re-enable it at a later time. This street only goes in one direction.

                  S Mode is automatically enabled on all Surface devices. S Mode is typically activated by default to enhance performance on many inexpensive PCs with fewer resources.

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                  Turn Off Windows 11 S Mode

                  You can exit S Mode and return to the full version of Windows 11 if you’re using a PC running Windows 11. Keep in mind that once you leave S Mode, you can’t return to it. Creating a full system image while in S Mode might be conceivable, but switching back would require a complete system format and reinstalling from the image.

                  Take into account that this isn’t a 100% failsafe solution. Turning off Windows 11 S mode is as simple as following these steps.

                  • Launch the PC’s “Settings -> System” menu.
                  • Choose the “Activate” option.
                  • When you see the option to “Switch to Windows 11 Pro,” click the “Go to Store” link. When you see “Upgrade your edition of Windows,” this is not the “Open Store” or “Go to Store” button.
                  • Go to the Microsoft Store and select the “Switch out of S Mode” option. When you follow the previous steps’ links, it should load automatically. To upgrade to the full version of Windows, select “Get.”

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