What Does No Longer Under Consideration Mean on Amazon?

A decent job is something that practically every adult aspires to. Finding a good job has never been simple, but in recent years it has gotten much simpler than it did ten years ago. You only need an internet connection and the knowledge on where to look for chances if you want to apply for a job, not the right talents or communication abilities.

what does no longer under consideration mean on amazon

An good online venue for users to apply for jobs at Amazon is their own online job portal, Amazon Jobs. The website offers everyone the chance to apply for the job of their choice by routinely posting job openings across a variety of areas.

If you have been using our website to apply for employment for some time, you may have noticed the sign “No longer under consideration” next to some of the positions you have applied for. Sadly, Amazon doesn’t clarify what this notice means. So we decided that we should. To learn what this message means and what to do if you see it, continue reading.

What Does No Longer Under Consideration Mean on Amazon?

When you apply for a job anyplace, what can you anticipate? You should be confident that you will be chosen for the open post. In other words, you anticipate being hired.

However, not every position you apply for ends up being your next position, does it? Sometimes the job is not a good fit for you, and other times someone else fills the role. After the interview, you may occasionally be turned down. You know, there are a variety of reasons why you could not succeed in finding employment.

On the Amazon Jobs website, the same circumstances apply. Your application may be rejected for a variety of reasons, including the fact that the positions you apply for are frequently not the greatest fit.

How do you believe Amazon conveys a denial?

You made a good approximation. No longer under consideration is included in the application status to indicate a rejection. This message is Amazon’s more official and unusual way of saying, “Sorry, you were not selected.”

Therefore, if you encounter this notice on one of your applications, it is simply Amazon’s way of being politely dismissive of your application.

But there is a twist:

The message mentioned above typically denotes rejection, as was stated above. The message occasionally means the exact opposite, though. To put it another way, you will get this notice after being hired for the position!

Confused? Let’s elaborate.

Consider that you have used the site to apply for a job. You haven’t taken any action. You recently submitted your application and a resume outlining all of your qualifications. If the recruiters don’t respond to your message and you see the message above, you have definitely missed this opportunity. Probably, your profile didn’t fit the position well.

Imagine this instead: You submit a job application and hear back from HR. You enthusiastically accept the invitation to the interview and give an excellent performance the entire time.

In the second scenario, if this notice appears as your application status, it may also indicate that you have been chosen for the next stage and that the recruiters are just choosing to archive your application.

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