What Does No Longer Under Consideration Mean on Amazon?

Almost all adults have some sort of career goal in mind. Even if it has never been simple to obtain a solid job, things are getting easier now than they were ten years ago. All you need to apply for a job, aside from having the necessary communication and skill sets, is an internet connection and the knowledge of where to look for chances.

what does no longer under consideration mean on amazon

Users can apply for employment at Amazon directly through the great online job portal known as Amazon employment. The website gives users the opportunity to apply for jobs of their choice and posts job openings on a regular basis across a variety of areas.

If you have been using this site to apply for employment for some time, you may have noticed the notice “No longer under consideration” next to some of the positions you had applied for. Regretfully, Amazon fails to provide an explanation for this notice. So, we reasoned, we ought to. Continue reading to find out the meaning of this message and what to do if you see it.

What Does No Longer Under Consideration Mean on Amazon?

When you apply for a job anyplace, what do you anticipate? Ideally, you feel hopeful about being chosen for the job for which you applied. Put another way, you anticipate being hired.

However, not every job you apply for ends up being the one you get next, does it? Sometimes the job is filled by someone else, and other times you are not a suitable fit for it. After the interview, rejection occurs occasionally. You know, there are a lot of reasons why you might not be hired.

Similar circumstances can be seen on the Amazon Jobs website. Your application may be rejected for a variety of reasons, and the positions you apply for are frequently not the best fits.

How does Amazon, in your opinion, convey a rejection?

You guessed correctly. They use the phrase “No longer under consideration” in the application status to indicate a rejection. This message is Amazon’s more official and non-conventional way of saying, “Sorry, you are not selected.”

Therefore, if you get this notification on one of your applications, it’s simply Amazon’s way of letting you know that you won’t be hired.

But there is a twist:

As previously mentioned, the above message typically denotes a rejection. But occasionally, the message could actually convey the complete opposite. Stated differently, you will be able to read this message after you are hired!

Bewildered? Let’s clarify.

Let’s say you have submitted an application to work on the platform. You haven’t taken any action. You recently turned in your resume and application form, which lists all of your credentials. In this instance, it is obvious that you have missed the chance this time around if you get the aforementioned notice and don’t hear back from the recruiters. Your profile was probably not a suitable fit.

Now consider this in its place: When you apply for a job, HR staff responds to you. When they invite you for an interview, you gladly accept and give a fantastic performance the entire time.

In the second scenario, the recruiters may have archived your application because they have chosen you for the next stage of consideration, if this notification appears as your application status. In fact, even while you are receiving this message, you may potentially receive an offer letter in the coming days.

In conclusion, there are two opposing interpretations of this message. That is contingent upon both your performance and the status of your job application. Occasionally, the message may also result from a careless error made by the opposite party.

The final word? Consider the application status to be provisional.

What to do if you see No longer under consideration on an application?

When you encounter this warning, you may get unclear about the best course of action to take, given the two instances we just covered. But there’s really nothing to be puzzled about.

Applying to different positions is the best course of action if you are attempting to figure out what this message might indicate for you.

As it works in both cases, this would be the wisest course of action going forward. It would only make sense to apply for other positions that fit your qualifications if you have been denied. There is nothing you can do to make up for the missed chance.

It doesn’t hurt to apply for other jobs until you hear back, even if you are hired. You can simply withdraw your application at any moment, after all. Thus, there won’t be any issues.

How to avoid unnecessary rejections on Amazon?

A necessary part of the job-hunting process is being rejected. Nonetheless, you don’t want to be turned down because of errors you can deliberately avoid.

You want to be the best candidate for the chosen position and ace every job you apply for. But before you can accomplish anything, you must ensure that everything is done correctly.

These three pointers will assist you in locating the ideal position for you.

Apply for the right jobs

To start with, you are not permitted to apply for any post at random only for the purpose of applying for a job. Avoid shooting in the dark.

Be familiar with the job description. Consider your skills, background, and experiences. Next, select only those positions that best match the job description and your skill set. Apply for the position that is closest to your ideal fit first.

Share your CV the correct way

One of the key determining criteria for each job application has always been the resume. It is imperative that you ensure your CV is appropriately tailored to the job. Make sure to mention any prior experience you may have on your resume if it relates to the position you are looking for.

By the way, in addition to sharing your CV, you can also post your LinkedIn profile. Indeed, Amazon permits that. You may opt to include your LinkedIn profile or a conventional resume with your submission, but not both.

Be confident during the interview

You’re very qualified for the interview. However, for many others, the most difficult aspect of the procedure is the interview itself. Recall that in order to earn the interviewers’ trust, you must project confidence in front of them.

You don’t have to project confidence. The job will eventually come your way if you can only believe in yourself and demonstrate this belief to the interviewers. While these three steps are not the only things you should think about, they can undoubtedly help you find the ideal job much more easily.

The bottom line

It might be challenging at times to apply for employment through the Amazon site, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the service. It can therefore be extremely disconcerting to receive the notice “No longer under consideration.”

We talked about the possible meaning of this message and what to do if you see it on one of your job applications in this blog post. Finally, we talked about a few easy steps that affect the job search process and determine your chances of getting chosen.

Take a moment to forward this blog to your friends who should read it before you continue your job search. Greetings for a prosperous career!

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