The Fox Analyst’s Most Unfortunate Tweets from Skip Bayless on Twitter!

Skip Bayless always manages to captivate his audience with incredibly entertaining arguments, whether he’s working for ESPN or Fox Sports. On Skip Bayless’ Twitter account, some reprehensible ideas have been posted, though, and they must be addressed.

The Fox Sports commentator has posted a few terrible analyses of LeBron James, Patrick Mahomes, and other prominent sportsmen over the previous few years. Also, he occasionally says things about the Dallas Cowboys that are blatantly biased.

The only account managed by Bayless is titled “RealSkipBayless,” despite the fact that there are several parody accounts on Twitter that are devoted to him. Even though he has 2.9 million followers right now, he hasn’t followed a single person back. That’s quite a power play, don’t you think?

Here are some of Bayless’ most regrettable tweets, so without further ado, let’s travel back in time.

What Are Some of Skip Bayless’s Most Offensive Tweets?

LeBron James has received the most scrutiny from Bayless of any athlete. Bayless always finds a way to downplay the former No. 1 pick’s accomplishments, even while he is winning NBA championships.

When it comes to this subject, Bayless’ account has a ton of regrettable tweets, but nothing tops his comparison of LeBron James and Johnny Manziel. In 2014, shortly after the Browns selected Manziel, Bayless published an offensive remark about Cleveland sports.

On Twitter, Bayless stated that “Johnny Football will one day be greater in Cleveland than his friend LeBron ever was.”

More than 28,000 people have liked and retweeted this tweet from Bayless. It will undoubtedly be inducted into the Hall of Fame for offensive tweets. Bayless should have understood that it’s foolish to write off outstanding athletes, but it’s obvious that he didn’t.

He had a tremendously stupid opinion of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes throughout the previous NFL season. Due to Mahomes’s time-consuming knee injury, Matt Moore had to start for the Chiefs.

The majority of people in the world were aware that this was a setback for Kansas City, but Bayless clearly missed the memo. “Kirk Cousins loses to Matt Moore, as I predicted on Undisputed. I’m not claiming Moore is superior to Mahomes in any way. Nonetheless, the Chiefs are competing more fiercely and with more heart than they did for Mahomes, who dropped his past two games at home.”

Last year, Mahomes overcame a knee injury to help the Chiefs defeat the 49ers in the Super Bowl. Nevertheless, when Moore starts at quarterback, the Chiefs seem to play with greater vigor.

We haven’t finished our stroll down memory lane yet. Cam Newton is another quarterback who has received a lot of criticism from Bayless. Bayless has never been a fan of the former Heisman Trophy winner for whatever strange reason.

Bayless believed Josh Freeman would be a superior quarterback since he was so dubious about Newton. Seriously, we aren’t joking.

Give me Josh Freeman over Cam in the long run, Bayless tweeted. Better leader, a more reliable passer, more clutch, more composed in stressful situations, and more cautious with the ball.

Talk about this take being a swing and a miss. Since leaving the NFL in 2015, Freeman has accumulated 13,873 passing yards, 81 touchdown passes, and 68 interceptions. Meanwhile, Newton is the most successful dual-threat quarterback in history and has won the MVP award.

When it comes to posting dubious tweets, at least Bayless is reliable. He always manages to say something provocative, whether he’s discussing a sportsperson he despises or his favorite Cowboys.

Which Comments About the Dallas Cowboys Backfired on Bayless?

Although Bayless now supports Dak Prescott, he didn’t always do so. Prescott is a Mississippi State product. In fact, he believed that Jerry Jones’ selection of Prescott in the 2016 NFL Draft was a mistake.

In addition to being disappointed that Dallas didn’t select Paxton Lynch in the first round of the 2016 draft, Bayless also believed that Jones should have selected Cardale Jones over Prescott in the fourth round. Luckily, Bayless has no influence over the members of “America’s Team.

” If Jerry Jones regrets not signing Paxton Lynch, is he covering his arse? The decision to start Dak Prescott over Cardale should worry him more.”

Bayless wasn’t convinced by Prescott, even after the rookie quarterback helped the Cowboys to a 13-3 record. He truly believed Jones would relinquish control of the offense to Tony Romo in the following season.

A coach who had won back-to-back Super Bowls was once fired by Jerry Jones, according to Bayless. “You don’t think he’d swap out Dak for a Romo he thinks is capable of winning the Super Bowl?”

It didn’t age well, much like several tweets before it. While healthy, Prescott continues to be the Cowboys’ primary quarterback, and Romo is relishing his role as a color analyst for CBS.

When it comes to eliciting a response from his fan base, Bayless is undoubtedly the finest in the business. He doesn’t hesitate to make audacious predictions, which is the key factor behind that. But, it does guarantee that he will be called out for a heretical viewpoint virtually every month.

By the looks of his financial wealth, Bayless is succeeding. Despite criticism of his tweets, the seasoned commentator continues to show that he is in high demand in the sports media sector.

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