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In the geography-based game GeoGuessr, players must determine an area’s location by examining the photographs provided by Google Maps. Despite being a straightforward game, it has gained a lot of fame thanks to numerous content creators. All users should give GeoGuessr a try because it’s a fun game, but is it free? Is it possible to play the game without paying anything? I’ll explain how to play GeoGuessr for free in this guide.

How to Play GeoGuessr for Free?

Two ways to play the browser game GeoGuessr exist. Using a free account for one, and a premium account for the other. GeoGuessr is a free game, however it only offers a single map and a limited 2D panorama perspective. You will only have five minutes left for a proper game after the first one. You will need to wait 15 minutes after that has passed before you may play for another 5 minutes. You can get around all of the restrictions in the Free version if you have a premium membership. But, there is a technique to obtain the premium without paying, so you are not need to do so.

The GeoGuessr trial period is cost-free. That will direct you to thePro page if you click on it. The annual plan is preferred over the monthly one here, although you can choose whatever you choose. After that, enter your card information to activate the free 7-day trial. You won’t have to worry about your money being taken out because GeoGuessr will start requesting payment after the trial period is over. You can cancel your subscription and keep your money until then at any moment. You are able to use GeoGuessr to the maximum extent without spending even a single dollar this way.

All of this had to do with free GeoGuessr gameplay. This advice has hopefully been useful to you. Moreover, you can view our other guides on our website, TechNClub.

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