How to Unlock iPhone Using Voice Commands (2023)

You may make personalized Voice Commands for your iPhone that you can use as shortcuts for carrying out operations with the use of Face ID or Touch ID. This post includes a few solutions if you’re tired of having to enter your passcode each time you want to access your iPhone. You may also utilize Voice Commands to access your iPhone more quickly.

iPhone: How to Use Voice Commands to Unlock Your Device (2023)

iPhone: How to use Voice Commands to unlock the device

Follow these steps to unlock your iPhone using voice commands:

1. Enable Voice Control

You must first turn on voice control on your iPhone before you can use voice commands. Here’s how to activate the Voice Control function, which allows you to operate your iPhone using voice commands:

  • Firstly open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap the Accessibility tab.
  • Tap the Voice Control tab.
  • On the new window, turn on the Voice Control switch by tapping on it.
  • Alternatively, you can say Hey Siri, turn on Voice Control if you have Siri enabled on your iPhone.

2. Create a Custom Command

Now that you know how to do it, let’s write a custom command that will activate Face ID or Touch ID authentication:

  • Open the Voice Control settings window from the above-mentioned steps, then tap the Custom Commands or Customize Commands tab.
  • Now tap the Create New Command option and name your command.
  • Then tap the Action tab.
  • Select the Run Custom Gesture tab, record the phrase that will activate it, and tap the New Command button from the top right corner of the screen.
  • Now enter your passcode on the empty screen which might be difficult, but you can try entering the correct passcode with some practice or by referring to another iPhone.
  • Note that, while creating a new custom gesture, you can only use 5 taps at a time. Hence, you can only use this feature on iPhone with a 4-digit passcode. However, if you have set a 6-digit passcode on your iPhone, you can set two new custom gestures with each entering a part of the passcode. But this might make the process of unlocking your iPhone a bit slower.
  • Now tap the Save button to create the custom command.
  • Once you have created your custom command, you can use it to unlock your iPhone with your voice. To do this, simply wake up your iPhone by tapping the screen or pressing the side button, and say the phrase that you save as your custom gesture. Your iPhone will scan your face or finger and unlock your device.

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