How to Unblock a Number on Android? A Complete Guide in 2023!

If you don’t want to hear from the person at the other end of the call, blocking their number is the quickest and easiest solution. It’s helpful for blocking scammers, telemarketers, and other nuisance callers.

But how do you get in touch with someone again after blocking them? If you have blocked someone inadvertently or have changed your mind about a link you have blocked, you can easily unblock them. This guide will teach you how to unblock a phone number on an Android device, including the Google Pixel.

Unblock Contacts from The Phone by Google App

Most Android phones use the Phone by Google app as their default dialer. Google’s phone software, which comes preinstalled on most Android phones, can be set as the default dialer if you don’t already have one.

From the Recent Callers screen, you can easily see the list of numbers you’ve blocked on your Android phone and choose whether to block or unblock them. The Recent Callers screen reveals the following instructions for removing a block:

  • Launch the phone application from your device’s main menu.
  • To access the settings, select the More (three dots) menu.
  • Select Preferences from the menu.
  • To see a list of blocked numbers, go to that menu.
  • To unblock a number, select the dash in red that appears next to it.

How to Unblock Contacts from The Contacts App?

how to unblock a number

The Android operating system also includes the Google Contacts app. It’s available in the Play Store for download on most Android devices. You can put a block on any number, stored or otherwise, that hasn’t phoned in a while. You may also view blocked contacts and remove them. How to Use It

  • Launch Google’s Contacts program.
  • In the corner of the screen to the right, click the tab labeled “Fix & manage.”
  • Go to Other Tools and then choose Blocked Numbers.
  • To unblock a number, tap the slash through it.

Unblock contacts from the Messages app

  • To use Google Messages, open the app.
  • The More settings (three dots) icon can be accessed.
  • Spam and Blocked can be chosen from the drop-down menu.
  • To unblock a specific message (and its sender), tap on it.
  • In the upper-right corner of your screen, you should see a small dialogue window; from there, choose Unblock.
  • Only people who have sent you a text and been blocked in the Messages app will appear on the Blocked Messages tab. On the Spam and Unblock page, tap the three-dot menu and choose Blocked Contacts to view all blocked contacts, including those hidden from the Phone and Contacts apps.

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Does Removing a Blocked Contact Unblock Them?

Assume you accidentally blocked a friend or coworker’s contact and then opted to permanently remove the number from your phone’s address book. To what effect? Does your phone have an automatic unblock feature?

When you delete a contact in Android (and iOS, for that matter), they remain on your blocked list. However, the phone number itself is still blocked and cannot be called. The steps to unblock the number are the same regardless of the area you started in.

Can You Unblock Yourself from Someone Else’s Phone?

how to unblock a number

If you know for sure that contact has blocked you on their phone, you can’t get around being blocked by using another device to bypass the block.

Either physically gaining access to the person’s phone or talking to them about why they blocked your number will allow you to have it unblocked.

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You can get blocked, too

Telemarketing, spam calls, potential scammers, and personal difficulties are just some of the many valid reasons to block a number.

There is always a possibility for forgiveness and resuming communication after a quarrel, unless you were the one who initiated the block. If you think this might be the case but aren’t sure, check out our article on how to verify a block.

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