How to Track Someone’s Location on Viber

Have you ever been in a frenzy while anxiously trying to trace a loved one s location? We have become busy, so forgetting to keep tabs on the people we care about happens to all of us sometimes. However, we don t want that to happen, do we? We have all come across these situations at least at some point in our lives, which is ample proof that location tracking is a crucial feature.

track someone's location on viber

We will discuss Viber, the ultimate messaging application, and how to track someone s location on this app. So, are you ready to delve deep into the topic today? You ll have to stick with us through to the end to find out everything about it today.

How to Track Someone s Location on Viber?

We all have that friend who tends to be late! Now, it may not be a big deal if they give us a little heads-up, right?

It is one of the few reasons why knowing how to locate someone s location on Viber is essential. Please take a look at the methods we suggest in this section.

Method 1: Ask them to send the location

Why worry about alternatives when monitoring someone s location on Viber is simple? You should only know how to ask!

Viber users, like WhatsApp users, can give you their location through the app if you ask them to. This method may only cause a roadblock if you are not that close to the individual to ask directly about their location. If that s the case, you can at least clarify why you re asking them about it in the first place.

If you are successful in this method, you won t need to go out of your way to locate them using unusual techniques. People can share their location in real-time with just a few simple taps.

Having said that, do you know how to share your location on Viber? Two requirements must be met before executing the steps below: Ensure you have a stable internet connection and your GPS or location is turned on.

The steps are outlined for you below. Therefore, grab your phones and start following us.

Steps to send your location on Viber:

Step 1:You must navigate to theViber appon your phone and open the chat.

Step 2: Scroll down to thetarget chatand tap on it.

Step 3:Do you see thethree horizontal dotsat the bottom of the page? Please click on it to proceed.

Step 4:Three options will emerge on the screen:Send file, share contact,andSend location. SelectSend locationfrom the list.

Step 5:Upon doing so, the map showing your current location will appear on the screen. Tap on thesend locationoption under the map to complete the process.

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